One of The Biggest Causes of Unhappiness And How To Overcome It

biggest causes of unhappiness and how to overcome itIf you’ve been feeling depressed, the following is one of the biggest causes of unhappiness  – plus I share a tool for how to overcome it!

Feeling sad and unfulfilled lately?

Want to know one of the biggest causes of unhappiness?

Breaking a promise you made to yourself.

Whenever you break a self-promise, big or small, you create stress and sadness in your life.

In fact, you wind up getting a “Double Whammy of Unhappiness” whenever you’re not fully accountable to yourself.

For example…

Cause of Unhappiness Whammy #1:

You don’t get the “external” life perk which comes from doing that thing you know you gotta do – and thereby attaining what you wanted to attain!

Cause of Unhappiness Whammy #2:

You feel mad/bad/sad – because your soul (“core self”) feels ashamed, ignored, disrespected, stressed, unloved – and disappointed that you’re not being your best self.

No worries. I’m going to share a helpful Productivity Tool – to put an end to these Double Whammies of Unhappiness.

I personally use this Productivity Tool every day to make sure I do what I gotta do – even when I really don’t wanna.

I call this Productivity tool: “Chip, Chip hooray!”

A Motivation Tool for productivity to help reduce unhappinessEach day I “chip” away at a small chunk of a self-promise – so it doesn’t feel overwhelming and undoable.

To be specific, I make sure to find at least 15 minutes to do a task which I know will bring me closer to the life I want (aka: working out, keeping my home organized, keeping up with emails, keeping up with friends and family, keeping up with paperwork, writing a book etc).

I believe even if all you can do is a little “chip” of something – that’s still better than not doing anything.

And all those little chips add up to a big “Chip, Chip hooray!” over time.

Here’s a funny but wise Woody Allen quip which relates:

(NOTE: Apologies if you don’t like Woody’s “character” – but he is funny.)

Woody has joked that he believes that there’s life on other planets — and they’re far ahead of us technologically. Not because they’re light-years ahead. No, no. They’re simply fifteen minutes ahead of us. Woody proposes that if we here on earth just had an extra fifteen minutes in our day, we could accomplish so much more.

The truth about time:

You do have those extra fifteen minutes!

There’s absolutely zilcho excuses for not finding a mere 15 minutes extra in your day to do what’s gotta be done to live your happiest and healthiest life!

More truth in your face:

It’s ALWAYS better to do a little of something – than a lot of nothing.

Working out for even 15 minutes a morning is incredibly helpful for weight, muscle tone, energy, clarity, sanity and health.

Example of my “Chip, Chip Hooray Tool”:

I recently began a 15-minutes-every-morning-ritual of organizing and cleaning my apartment.

Yep – EVERY SINGLE morning – 7 days a week – for 15 minutes  – I “chip” away at some aspect of the apartment to clean/organize.

No questions asked!

I do this 15 minutes cleaning ritual EVERY SINGLE day for a few reasons:

  • I’ve found it’s far easier to do something every single morning – 7 days a week – than to do something a few days a week.


Whenever I tell myself to do a task a mere few days a week, I often delay that task to the next day – to the point of not doing it all.

Knowing something must be done every day, embues it with “permanent habit” energy.

As Aristotle reminds: “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”

  • Because it’s only a 15 minute quickie clean up – I forever keep my home clean. 

It’s a preventative messiness measure.

It’s basically the cure-all for never having to deal with hurricane-like messiness.

  • I purposefully choose to do this task in the morning – because I want my son to watch me clean. As a result, he knows that there’s not some magical “Cleaning Fairy” who makes things orderly while he’s in school.

I make sure to encourage Ari to join me for some of the clean up – as my “teammate.”

By including my son, I’m teaching him to embrace the core values of staying “organized and clean” – on a daily basis.

How to overcome these causes of unhappiness…

  • Decide now you want to stay accountable to your self-promises – big and small!
  • Commit to doing a “Chip, Chip Hooray” for a particular self-promise you presently have not be living up to!
  • Every night before you go to sleep, ask yourself: What didn’t I get done today, but I promised myself I would do?”
  • If you can still do a 15 minute “chip” – go do that “chip” before you go to sleep!
  • And if you can’t, ask yourself to fess up to what got in your way of getting it done!
  • Focus on how you might un-block this blockage!
  • Next up, celebrate whatever “chip” you did manage to do! Chip, chip hooray for you!

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