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Create a happier home or office with my book of 20 different instant framable 7x 9 inch wall art!

Add beautiful style and happy energy to any room with this collection of 20 ready-to-frame inspiring quote art pieces – printed on sturdy art board.

Each uplifting design is set up for easy removal from the book for quick framing.

If you’re familiar with my work, then you know that I’m an award winning designer – and that my virtual quote posters regularly go viral on social media.

My social media fans kept asking me to create my virtual posters as actual posters, so I created Instant Wall Art! Inside you’ll find a wide range of never-before-seen beautiful illustrations and designs – which I created in a wide range of colors and styles to mindfully match varied decor needs!

I also brought in a group of talented artists – who I personally hand selected for this project.

Plus I specifically wrote some of these inspiring quotes to cleverly complement key areas of your home (kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, office, living room, etc).

This stylish artwork is an affordable fun way to boost both your decor and mood!

  • You’re sure to find something wonderful you love for every room!

18 framable pieces + 2 stencils = 20 pieces of 7″x9″ art!

Each with clever, uplifting sayings such as:

  • Don’t shrink your dreams. Supersize your courage and abilities.
  • Your mission: Be so happy loving your life that you have no time for fear, anger or regret.
  • Complain less. Giggle more.


  • I have been in the publishing world for twenty years, and I have never come across anyone more brilliant in her creative expression than Karen! I chuckle out loud and marvel at the clarity and clever delivery of her messages. Kristine Carlson, NYTimes Bestselling Author, Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff
  • Karen Salmansohn’s writing is bold, playful, insightful with powerful metaphors that provoke and inspire. Her kinetic images amplify her messages and take her messages to a new level of experience. –Deepak Chopra, NYTimes Bestselling Author
  • Karen Salmansohn is a creative force of nature. I love her insights and relentless commitment to helping people live happy and successful lives. Her smart sense of humor and unusual metaphors make changing your life not only do-able but, totally fun. I simply adore her! –Marie Forleo, NYTimes Bestselling Author, Everything is Figureoutable
  • Salmansohn’s got sass and shine! Her work sparks people to wake up, and at the same time, gives the comfort of perennial wisdom – such a divine combo. Sass and shine, in the best package! –Danielle Laporte, Bestselling Author, The Desire Map

Think happier. Think calmer.

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