How to Make Sure Your Dog Is Happy

How to Make Sure Your Dog Is HappyA dog that is having fun and relaxed is a healthy and happy pup. However, just like humans can get depressed, so can dogs.

How to make a dog happy is simple. But the degree to which they are happy or unhappy can be complex.

While you want to ensure you cover all your necessities for your dog, there may be more than they need to stay happy.

To get your dog feeling like they’re living their best life and feeling unconditional love, here is how you can make sure your dog is happy.

16 Tips to Make Sure Your Dog Is Happy

1. Provide Regular Walks

Research how often your dog needs to be walked according to age and breed. Make sure to hit it every day. Schedule routine walks that fit your lifestyle and responsibilities to keep your dog mentally and physically well.

2. Go for Different Walks

Vary the direction your dog walks now and again. Let your dog decide where it wants to be. Adjusting your walking pattern can lead your dog to new smells and places and keep its mind entertained and engaged.

3. Give Them Some Off-Leash Time

Off-leash time excites dogs. While many pet owners cannot provide a dog with off-leash time every day, aim to do so at least once a week. Take them to a fenced-in dog park if you need clarification on whether they will return to you in public if/when called on.

4. Provide Dog Food They Like

How to Make Sure Your Dog Is HappyEnsure your dog gets a variety of tasty dog food daily. Pull from their everyday kibble, wet food, and a select number of treats to keep your dog well-fed, interested and excited to eat and ensure they’re not bored of what’s being put in front of them.

5. Ensure They’re Eating The Right Calories

Don’t underfeed or overfeed. Set mealtimes. Count calories and know how many calories your dog needs. Keep their weight where it needs to be, go easy on treats and food scraps, and give them enough exercise to burn off calories.

6. Protect Their Paws

Salt, ice-melting chemicals, and the cold can damage your dog’s paws during winter. Hot pavement can be equally harmful in the summer. Protect your pet’s paws by ensuring they are hydrated and properly protected with booties for walks.

7. Have One-On-One Time with Them

A dog in isolation is not a happy pup. Spend some quality time with your dog. Some one-to-one time on the couch while watching your favourite series and sharing some pets may be all they need to feel loved and appreciated.

8. Comfy Space Only for Them

They should have a private, comfy dog bed where they can rest, sleep, and play with their toys whenever they like.

9. Make Sure Your Pup Has Water

Your dog needs to stay hydrated. It’s essential. A dog should have access to water 24/7. Without access to water, your dog is at risk of dehydration. Even mild dehydration can negatively affect a dog’s organs, functioning, and overall quality of life.

10. Train Your Dog

How to Make Sure Your Dog Is HappyTrain your dog to sit, lie down, and follow your basic commands.

This will challenge your dog, encourage them to learn, and let them know when they’re being a good dog with positive reinforcement. It sets behavioral expectations while entertaining them.

11. Switch Up the Exercise

Don’t just take your dog for walks. Consider taking them swimming, playing fetch, or running. Think of different ways to play with your dog to burn calories and energy.

12. Give Them Toys That Make Them Think

Vary the toys you give them. Rotate them monthly. Find toys and games that are mentally stimulating, such as a puzzle or toy feeder. Pet owners should also exercise their pet’s mind through play and exercise.

13. Give Them Plenty of Chew Toys

Dogs need activity to entertain themselves. We do that through chew toys, durable toys, and edible toys. Find toys that benefit their oral health and resonate with them. Give them toys they will play with.

14. Cooling Mats and Vests

During the summer, heat is inevitable. For dogs, a thick fur coat can spell trouble. Invest in accessories such as a cooling mat or cooling vest to keep them comfortable. These super-soft dog accessories keep dogs comfortable through the hottest days.

15. Avoid Leaving Pets in Cars

Pets should not be left in hot or cold cars. This can be very uncomfortable and hazardous to their health.

16. Treat Illness Quickly

If you notice suspicious behaviour in your dog, if it’s sick or has lost its appetite, or if it’s been physically injured, have it seen by a vet immediately.

Recap: Happy Dog Tips

Take your time. You can minimize discomfort and unhappiness by providing reliable medical care to your dog when it most needs it.

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