4 Tips To Achieve Balance When Working From Home

Tips To Achieve Balance When Working From HomeHere are top tips and strategies for people eager to achieve balance when working from home so they can have greater focus and productivity.

More of us are working from home than ever before and of those people, a whole lot are finding their work/life balance has improved enormously.

However, some of us are still grappling with the pressure to answer emails and be on call all the time.

Plus there’s the difficulty we experience trying to concentrate when there are all of the distractions of the home to contend with.

I know. I used to work in a New York advertising agency before I quit my Senior VP gig in my twenties to work at home and become a bestselling online entrepreneur.

Plus while working from my home, I wrote the bestselling Bounce Back Ebook loaded up with resiliency psychology tools.

I’m committed to helping people to live their happiest lives. So I put together this article with strategies for people who work from home and desperately want balance. If you’re struggling to get the balance right while working from home, then I’ve got some great tips for you!

4 Strategies To Achieve Balance When Working From Home

If you’re ready to improve your work and home balance, then keep reading for these tips and strategies! These work and balance strategies will not only transform how you cope with your schedule, but are also pretty straightforward to implement.

1. Try the Pomodoro Technique

The first tip on the list is one that so many people swear by. But there are still plenty of people out there who don’t know about it. This technique is a productivity technique that works wonders for some people.

The Pomodoro Technique involves working for twenty minutes and then breaking for five.

It really is that simple.

The tricky part comes in understanding that during those twenty minutes you can’t do anything except the task at hand. That means no work phone calls, no answering emails, no pandering to the kids if they come and ask you something. Those twenty minutes are for hard work only and you’ll be amazed what you can get done if you stick to the rule.

Once the twenty minutes are up, you’ve got your five minutes of break time for the emails and calls that you ignored and to fit in an actual break, which we’ll come onto next.

2. Use Your Breaks Wisely

Using breaks in your day for emails is fine, if that’s what you’d like to use them for. But it’s important if you do choose to work during your five minute breaks that you make time for a proper one. The brain can only cope with so much workload and just ploughing through often results in us actually being less productive.

Try to aim for a ten-to-fifteen-minute break every couple of hours, and spend time relaxing and doing something you enjoy during it. Lots of people opt to play a game, choosing to dive into real online casino, enjoy a game of chess with some friends, or set up a quick puzzle. Others like to have a really strong cup of coffee, matcha, or a small snack and maybe watch some success boosting videos.

Or maybe you’ve got a craft project on the go that you could devote a few minutes to. Whatever it is that helps you to unwind, enjoy it without guilt and go back to work feeling refreshed.

3. Dedicate a Workspace

Admittedly, the previous two tips can be applied to an office scenario. But this tip is super important for those working from home. Many of us sit on the couch with a laptop on our knee and expect to be able to resist the temptation of the television.

While for those blessed with endless willpower, this is fair enough. But for the vast majority of us, we’ll give into temptation and end up being unproductive. Instead of doing this, try to dedicate a space just for working. Not everyone has the space for an entire home office, but most of us have the space for a small work desk and chair.

Dividing up your living and working space can help to give you that feeling of separation between work and home. In turn this can help with your productivity and also help you to resist the urge to work around the clock when you don’t actually have to.

4. Get Outside at Lunchtime

Another great tip to stop the feeling of overwhelm is to try to get outside the house at some point during the day. Lunchtime is a great option because it’s generally the longest break that you’ll have and it’s when the sun is most likely to be out.

Plan a walk around the block, or take your lunch to the park and eat there. Whether you’re in a city or a green space, the change of environment will give you a chance to decompress from work and feel ready for the afternoon ahead.

Plus, some people find that incorporating exercise into their lunch break gives them a burst of energy for the afternoon, but if you’re not one of those people then you still might find that it releases a few mood boosting endorphins.

Embarking on a half marathon during your lunch break probably isn’t advisable, but some yoga, a brisk jog, or a zip around the neighborhood on your bike will not only help to improve your mood, it will also improve your fitness. Sedentary desk jobs wreak havoc with our bodies so loosening everything up and getting your heart rate up is a seriously worthwhile idea.

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