10 Reasons Why Work/Life Balance is So Important

10 Reasons Why Work/Life Balance is So ImportantWhile it may seem like you’re dreaming the impossible dream, work/life balance is absolutely important and a possibility for you. It’s such an essential thing to achieve because of what it will mean for your day to day life.

Basically, it is a necessity for you to have a balanced life, and it’s more important now than ever.

The costs are rising, but wages don’t follow.

The hours are longer, but you’re not being paid overtime anymore. 

I know. I used to work in a New York advertising agency before I quit my Senior VP gig in my twenties to become a bestselling author.

Whether you are working for someone else and feeling hard done by or you’ve just spent time looking at https://uk.businessesforsale.com/ and found one you’d like to buy for yourself, you still need a solid work/life balance to manage getting through life in one piece.

No worries. I’m here to help.

As you might know, I wrote a bestselling Bounce Back Ebook loaded up with resiliency psychology tools. Plus I founded the groundbreaking video course called The Anxiety Cure.

I’m committed to helping people to live their happiest, most fulfilling lives. So I put together this article on why life balance is important and how to achieve it.

10 Reasons Why Work/Life Balance is So Important

In this article, I will cover 10 reasons why work/life balance needs to be a priority of yours if you hope to live a happy, comfortable life. 

small businesses use the cloud1. Less Stress

Workplace stress is something that is known to be a cause behind suicide in the US. In fact, it’s fifth on the list of causes of death in people who are working.

The biggest thing here is that people feel that they have no choice but to be that stressed, but they’re wrong.

You have to create your own work-life balance, and when you take on more than you can handle, you are going to feel it.

When you work on that balance, you’re going to lessen your stress and thus take down your risk of feeling suicidal over it. 

2. Improved Mental Health

When you spend long hours at work, you are tied to your job and your mind finds it hard to manage anything else. When you feel balanced, you are far more capable of dealing with any of the issues that crop up with your job or even problems outside your job.

If you ensure that you are balanced in your working life and your home life, your mental health is going to improve greatly, and you will feel ready for anything. You’ll be more self-aware and you’ll feel as if you can conquer things.

You can improve your mental health by ensuring that you say no to extra time – especially when you’re not being paid for it. 

3. Better Physical Health

work/life balanceWhen you are stressed and dealing with working issues, you’re going to eat sugary and fatty foods more frequently, you might turn to vices like drink and smoking. Plus you might skip out on the exercise.

When you feel more balanced, you tend to eat better and work better.

Plus you don’t end up feeling so rubbish all the time. You have more energy. And you are able to make better health decisions for yourself. How you live and work impacts your body.

So you need to pay attention to this! Being too exhausted to move at the end of the day is not good for you! It’s a total red flag for your health. 

4. You Can Be More Present

When you are balanced in your work life and your life outside of work, you are going to be able to feel more present. You won’t feel constantly ‘on’ and you won’t have stupidly high expectations of yourself to perform anymore. You have to be more mindful of your surroundings and you’ll be better at engaging with your colleagues and with your family and friends, too.

5. Improved Relationships

relationships work/life balanceFrom how you interact with your boss to how you interact with your romantic partner, you’re going to have better times together that are more high quality.

Working too much means you lose that time with those that you love the most.

It’s very hard to be present when you are feeling overwhelmed and exhausted. Connections are so much more than just living with people.

You need those connections for a balanced and healthy life. And you have to include other people in your life to develop the deepest connections that will keep your heart happy outside of the workplace. 

6. Better Productivity

When your employees are motivated and happy, they are far more likely to be loyal to you. They will feel happier, be more committed and they will be happy with you. This extends to you, too. If you are motivated and balanced in your life, you will have better productivity as a business leader. As a result, this can mean everything to you when you are looking to be more committed and enthusiastic in your work. 

7. You’ll Be More Creative

Your brain was not designed to be bombarded with information. It needs time and space to think and essentially absorb the information fed to it. Wracking your brain on any problems shouldn’t be too hard and you shouldn’t feel panicked or clouded over all the time. When you are overwhelmed and stressed out, you’re going to find it much harder to be that creative thinker that you always wanted to be. 

8. You’ll Be A Better Person

work/life balanceYou don’t want to sit around and spend your life flipping between the same three apps.

Being balanced will make you a more productive and happier person.

Your key to being better in life is balance – and so you have to ensure that you are productive to feel balanced.

You will be a much happier, less cranky person when you have balance between work and life.

9. You’ll Be Happier

When you have balance in life, you’re going to be happier and more fulfilled. It doesn’t take a genius to work out that balance is all about feeling good about yourself. You want to be in control of your career path and your life, and that is far easier to achieve when you find that elusive balance in life. You want a life filled with happiness, right?

10. You Can Find Success

When you have a clear mind and a balanced life, you are far more likely to be successful in all your endeavors. You will be much more successful in everything than less successful and it’s all because you will be focused on yourself for a change!

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