Things You Need to Know About Canvas Photo Prints

Things you Need to Know About Canvas Photo PrintsIf you want beautiful decor, nowadays, canvas photo prints are trendy to decorate homes, restaurants, shops, or other places. However, it is challenging to decide what you exactly want or how to select the appropriate print.

With the tips below, you can learn about various canvas print options and decide which is best for your interiors.

As you might know, I’m an award winning designer and bestselling author. I love creating virtual posters for Instagram and even have a collection of my posters in a product called Instant Wall Art. I’ve personally used some of my inspirational quote artwork for canvas prints in my home.

So, let’s get started to learn more about canvas photo prints.

What is a Canvas Print?

A canvas print is basically a picture printed on a blank canvas. You usually create these prints to reproduce original paintings. They allow people to add their personality to their interiors or workplaces and cover the bare walls on an affordable budget.

Why is it necessary to create canvas prints instead of paper photos or posters?

The following are some advantages of canvas prints over paper:

Canvas prints are durable than any paper photo or poster. The images printed on blank canvas do not catch any moisture, and they do not bend or twist. Moreover, canvas prints do not fade as paper photos.

Canvas prints have a textured base, so they look more attractive. However, they can also look similar to original paintings.

If you want to transform a photo into a canvas print, you can divide one image into several canvases. They will create a whole picture when you hang them. It is an intelligent design solution that looks original made from paper photos.

What are Different Types of Canvases?

The canvas types for you actually work best depending on the available space.

The following are some different types of canvas prints – which are ideal for almost every kind of décor style:

  • Single Canvas: They are the best fit for oversize statement pieces or if you have limited wall space. In such an area, multiple canvases will give an overcrowded look.
  • Multipanel Canvas: These fit nicely on large wall spaces. Moreover, you can create your layout by keeping different prints together, like a jigsaw puzzle for any picture. For example, place several photos representing various parts of a single image.

In addition, these canvas prints are beautiful and pretty versatile. So, they can fit any space or style easily.

  • Stock Images: As per the name, these prints have different stock photos printed on canvas. You can download stock images from online portals or randomly click any picture.
  • Personalized Prints: Personalized Canvases are those which you create from your art pieces or photos. You make these canvas prints to gift them to your loved ones or decorate your interiors.

Popular Canvas Prints Designs

You can easily customize the canvas prints designs as per your taste or personality. You can get anything special printed on the canvas. However, here are some popular canvas print designs to have a basic idea:

  • Modern Prints

They include bold or vibrant colors with unconventional patterns. Minimalistic or abstract designs can work well for shared spaces like living rooms, lobby, etc.

Things you Need to Know About Canvas Photo Prints

  • Landscapes or Maps

They are popular canvas prints options.

For example, you can hang a photo from your favorite place to reminisce about your trip with family or friends.

You can also showcase an image of an area that has special memories.

In addition, if you put on maps, they will nicely cover the blank surfaces.

  • Pictures Representing Precious Memories

It is the most common subject to create canvas prints. These canvas prints include photos of a beautiful time spent with family or friends. Also, images of notable people or items that hold sentimental values.

  • Inspirational Quotations 

They are something that most people like to hang in their personal spaces. Calligraphed motivational or meaningful quotes and passages from any book will look beautiful when you display them on walls.

  • Things you Need to Know About Canvas Photo Prints

    Pictures of Animals

Most homeowners like hanging photos of their pets or some beautiful animals.

Generally, one can not have enough of their furry animals.

So, these animal canvas prints will look adorable and make a beautiful statement piece.

Precautions to Keep in Mind

Some precautions you need to follow to ensure the longevity of canvas prints are as follows:

  • Keep your canvas art away from the direct light.
  • Keep canvas prints away from the moisture; otherwise, they will distort.
  • Remove dust from canvas prints gently with a linen cloth.
  • Never keep anything on the canvas art pieces.


Once you learn everything about canvas art, consider all details carefully and then make your mind. Hopefully, the above-described tips will help you to make the right decisions.

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