When should you consider hiring a life coach?

Hire a life coachIf you feel a bit stuck or confused about your direction, you will appreciate reading about when you should consider hiring a life coach.

At its very core, life coaching is designed to help individuals achieve personal and/or professional goals.

A life coach 1-on-1 life coach will aim to provide all the tools needed to allow an individual to change their mindset and lifestyle, in order to form positive habits and ultimately have a greater quality of life. In addition, there are many modern coaching apps that help coaches make the coaching process seamless and effective, guaranteeing a great experience for both parties.

It can be a common misconception that life coaching is only for people who are really struggling with a personal problem. However, this is not the case.

An individual may choose to see a life coach under any number of different circumstances in search of guidance. We take a look at three times in your life when you could benefit from seeing a life coach.

As you might know, I started my career working in New York’s top ad and marketing agencies – rising up quickly to Senior VP.

But then I quit in my late twenties to pursue becoming a (hoped for) bestselling author.  Plus I wanted to help people – in a more personal way – as a branding and marketing consultant. Thankfully, my career plan/dream worked out! Now I love to help people in their various entrepreneurial ventures – including helping people to create profitable courses with their knowledge and expertise.

With this in mind, I created this guide for how to know when you should hire a life coach.

3 reasons to consider hiring a life coach

Below are 3 reasons you should consider working with a life coach. Read on…

1. You feel stuck in your career

There are several different types of life coach, but one of the most common types is a career coach. They will specialize in helping you to move forward in your professional life, whichever stage you are at.

Perhaps you’ve been aiming for a promotion for some time, but you’ve struggled to make that next step. Maybe you no longer enjoy where you are working and are struggling to find the motivation in everyday life to bring out your best self at work. In either case, a life coach will be on hand to help.

Your career coach will help to identify the cause of your dissatisfaction at work, whether that stems from a personal problem or an external issue. They will work closely with you to set attainable goals and create a step-by-step plan to help you progress up the professional ladder and get to where you really want to be.

2. You want to overcome bad habits

Forming bad habits such as addictions can be detrimental to all different facets of your life, as well as seeping into the lives of those around you. If you are aware of an unhealthy habit that you want to overcome, then seeing a life coach could be the first step in making a change.

If you think seeing a life coach is a one-way transaction where the professional will do all of the leg work, you are mistaken. Life coaches will hold you accountable for decisions you have made which can have detrimental effects on your life now, and in the future. They can identify the reasons why you have fallen into these bad habits, and set out steps you can take to overcome them.

As with all facets of life coaching, the responsibility is placed largely on the individual to almost act as their own coach outside of sessions. If you aren’t ready to make a change yourself, a life coach won’t be able to make it for you.

3. You find it difficult forming relationships

Do you struggle to muster up the courage to talk to someone you like romantically? Are you still struggling to heal a broken heart? Do you fear your present love relationship is broken and want help to mend it instead of end it? Or do you simply find it difficult to create new bonds and healthy friendships in everyday life? A difficulty in forming new relationships can often stem from a negative mindset, with a fear of failure or rejection dictating your day-to-day decision-making functions.

Hiring a life coach can improve many life skills

Simply by having the opportunity to voice your fears and worries in a supportive environment may mean you actually surprise yourself with just how articulate you can be. Furthermore, a coach will intervene to break up your negative mindset or fear of failure to give you the confidence to form new, better relationships.  If you want to know more, feel free to reach out to explore hiring me as a 1-on-1 personal coach by Zoom.

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