Why Small Businesses Should Use The Cloud

Why Small Businesses Should Use The CloudThe cloud is often overlooked by a lot of companies, but small businesses should use the cloud because it will help them to grow more profitably

I know this personally.

I started my career working in New York’s top ad and marketing agencies – rising up quickly to Senior VP.

But then I quit in my late twenties (to my parent’s horror) to pursue becoming a (hoped for) bestselling author. Plus I wanted to help people – in a more personal way – as a branding and marketing consultant.

Thankfully, my plan/dream worked out – and I now run a small business creating and selling bestselling books, video courses (etc) and working with small businesses and authors to help them to grow!

In the article I’m going to be explaining why small businesses should use the cloud!

What is the the cloud?

It’s a network of remote servers that allow you to access shared applications, storage, and other resources via the internet.

The cloud means you don’t have to install additional hardware of your own. Plus the cloud is all around you, operating in your day to day life already, even if you’re not aware of it. 

Everything is moving onto the cloud. This is because the cloud can make life a lot easier for users and businesses alike. It can improve cash flow, increase efficiency, and offers a lot of other advantages. 

Despite these, integrating cloud computing gives companies an opportunity to pay only for the services that they are using. Depending on the company’s size and needs, they can choose between 3 main types of cloud computing: public cloud, private cloud, and hybrid cloud. For instance, using the public cloud will be a great idea for SMEs as it gives them a chance to rent and use the cloud with several companies, which reduces the cost of services. However, those who prefer to have their own cloud can integrate private cloud systems into their workflow and adapt the cloud to their requirements.

Understanding Microsoft GCC High is crucial for small businesses looking to harness the power of the cloud. Microsoft GCC High, which stands for Government Community Cloud High, offers enhanced security and compliance features specifically designed for government agencies and contractors working with sensitive data. However, the benefits of Microsoft GCC High extend beyond the public sector. Small businesses can leverage these advanced security measures to protect their own sensitive information, build trust with their customers, and meet regulatory requirements.


small business successWhen you own a small business, flexibility is important. This is where the cloud can come in to help you. When you’re on the go, you know that you can rely on the cloud to give you access to any files or programs you need to look at, modify, or save wherever you are. 

If you want to get at virtual resources like protected storage, web applications, or redundant firewalls for example, then you can do this by using any device that is connected to the cloud via the internet.

It’s important for people in small businesses to be able to get at everything, whether you’re in the office or not. This reduces your downtime, helping you to get an edge over your business competition.

Whether you need to share meeting notes, approve payroll, or get electronic signatures, you can do it on the go, in the cloud.

Portability – Remote IT Infrastructure

The cloud also offers near limitless computer resources to its users regardless of their location. 

The ability to allocate an entire server farm’s equivalent of computer power to your project or the job you need to complete with just a few clicks is very useful. Every major player in business uses a platform like this to give its users and internal employees access to secured data. 

Data Security

protect yourselfStoring files and your important data via the cloud is actually a lot safer in most cases than more traditional storage on a phone or a computer.

Security on the cloud often has a lot of different layers.

As a result,  the best cloud service providers can offer an infrastructure that will protect your data from both being hacked and being leaked.  

Software Updates

Automatic software updates are another big advantage of the cloud. A key thing that can hurt the productivity of a small business is running out of data software.

A lot of business founders overlook this, so it’s a common problem. With the cloud, it’s the job of the cloud service provider to manage any maintenance and software updates that are needed without you having to do anything about it. 

Environmentally Friendly

Cloud computing can easily be scaled to match your business needs. Before the cloud, you had to buy physical machines yourself, pay to power the whole server room, and pay employees to handle maintenance. Now, you only need to pay for the resources that you actually need. This helps the environment by reducing your carbon footprint. 

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