Alcoholism: The Inner Struggle in Men vs. Women

Alcoholism: The Inner Struggle in Men vs. WomenEvery individual will have a different kind of struggle with alcoholism. The differences go even further apart when you factor in gender.

Alcohol abuse is a major medical problem. Coming up I will explain why all cases should be treated as unique.

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I love to help people to live calmer, happier lives. So I put together this article about the inner struggle in men vs. women when it comes to alcoholism – to help you to understand alcohol recovery – and give hope.

What Can You Do About Alcoholism?

Alcohol abuse brings out the worst in everyone. When someone suffering commits to women’s rehab in San Diego, they have a good understanding of their unique situation. Things will always get complicated when a person goes through denial. Alcohol addiction has phases, and during each one there is a chance for recognition of the problem.

But if no moment of clarity is found, the phases continue to loop back around and cause damage to your physical and mental health. When you factor in the gender differences of alcoholism, resources are not split equally.

This is why there is a bit of confusion with how resources are handled when it comes to alcoholism in women. As a woman suffering from addiction, it is vital to find a rehab that caters to the unique needs of an individual.

Men and Alcoholism

Alcoholism: The Inner Struggle in Men vs. WomenOn average, adult men drink more than women. This is even more true when you factor in situations where binge drinking is a social norm. This includes not only the volume of drinking, but the number of times it is done per month. As a result, statistics point to a higher death toll in men each year from excessive drinking.

Unfortunately, this also translates to men that drive under the influence, assaults and suicide. Rehabilitation is easier to come by if you’re a male, although some changes are in motion to make it easier to get rehab as a woman.

Like any type of rehab, getting better comes down to the individual willing to admit they have a problem. That is why the success rate for alcohol rehab is about the same between men and women.

Women and Alcoholism

Alcohol is a much bigger health risk for women. This includes higher risks as a teenager, as an adult and as an expecting mother. Current mothers will find that the changes in their bodies after birth makes excessive alcohol extremely poisonous to their systems. It is much easier for a woman to get a higher blood level of alcohol with a single drink.

Since alcohol abuse is about more than a single drink, the damage becomes immeasurable. As a woman, finding a rehab center that meets the needs of unique female factors can be a challenge. Since the support system for alcoholism is geared towards men, it’s harder to find that ‘next step’ after getting out of denial.

Thankfully, help for women suffering from alcohol abuse is trending in the right direction. In the next few years, the available resources should reflect the current stats of how alcohol affects both genders.

A Better Ending for Men and Women With Alcoholism

Don’t overlook the biggest struggle in your life. Alcoholism is something that can’t be ignored, so the sooner you get to it, the better your health will become. Strength comes from awareness, and a willingness to make hard choices.

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