How to set and accomplish life goals

success secretsIf you want to set and accomplish your life goals, you need to embrace specific inner qualities and maintain high level core values.

Basically you have to be able to keep going during tough times and stay humble and inspired during easy, good times.

As you might know, I’m a bestselling author and happiness researcher. I wrote a book called Happy Habits.

In my research, I learned about how to build up positive habits and bust down those naughty habits. I share a lot of info about “habit formation” and “inner motivation.”

In this article I’ll be sharing helpful tips for setting and accomplishing your dreams and goals.

How to set and accomplish life goals

If we’re not careful, we can allow anxiety and fear to misdirect us away from the life we want for ourselves. In this article, I’m going to share insights and tools to empower you to stay strong in your commitments for goal setting so you can achieve success.

set some goals then demolish them1. Be particular with your goals.

Imprecise goals take us nowhere, so be specific. Consider what you want to attain, and when you should achieve it.

2. Ensure the goals are measurable

You should set measurable goals to monitor the progress. It will enable you to know when you have achieved your goals.

3. Ensure that the goals are attainable

failure successSet goals that are realistic and reachable.

Setting far too high goals will make you lose faith in your ability to achieve what you want.  If you need support to reach higher, get it.

For example, if you’re struggling to lose weight, try signing up for my video course

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4. Be realistic

Impractical goals stop you from acting or take the first step. Be sure to set attainable and realistic goals – so you stay excited and optimistic .

5. Set deadlines

Arrange to get out of your comfort zone. Having deadlines for your goals will make you motivated and focused.

6. Get a role model

Get someone who has done what you want to do. You will gain from his or her experience. For example, if you want to launch an online business, you can hire me for 1-on-1 consulting – here.

success goals7. Visualize your goal

Visualization is a great goal-setting tool at our disposal since it changes behavior and boosts performance. Seeing yourself achieving your goals boosts your confidence, and inspires you to work harder.

8. Create affirmations

Assertions are effective since they keep you motivated and focused on your goals. Develop powerful and simple affirmations to recite daily.

9. Doubt your doubts

Negative self-talk tends to work like assertions, but in the opposite direction. Therefore, doubt yourself and your abilities.

believe in yourself10. Believe in yourself

You are the only person stopping yourself from being successful. Believe in yourself, and you can attain your goals.

11. Start doing

Doing differentiates becoming from dreaming. Be consistent in your efforts, and you will achieve your goals. Consider taking more actions.

12. Develop a habit of meditation

Our unconscious minds have lots of potentials. To tap this power, you need to meditate. Meditating is simply sitting down for, say, 10 minutes, then focus on your breathing. I share a range of simple 2 minute meditations in my book Instant Calm.

13. Brainstorm ideas

To achieve your goals, do not settle on a single strategy. Write down ideas that have the potential to assist you in achieving your goals.

first attempt in learning quote14. Be a lifelong learner.

As they say, knowledge is power. Outlining and meeting your goals is more of personal growth. Therefore, consider listening and reading on personal development.

15. Be determined

Determined people achieve their goals, whatever the circumstances. Such people never give up. It is important to note that achieving your goals is not a walk in the park.

stay positive

16. Keep a positive attitude.

As per the law of attraction, keeping a positive attitude enables you to attract good things to your life.

17. Know that situations are not perfect

The situations we are in are not so perfect. Work towards the life you anticipate without expecting perfection. 

18. Follow your passion

People passionate about their goals are likely to enjoy their journey of achieving the very goals.

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