Aging With Style And Confidence - Dominique Misrahi

Aging With Style And Confidence

I’m almost 58 and a late in life mom. So, lately I’ve been thinking a lot about aging – and the importance of aging with good health in tow –  plus also aging with style and confidence.

With this in mind, I started researching longevity secrets – and now have a longevity book – called LIFE IS LONG.

I love finding people who are aging with style and confidence

I’ve also been seeking inspiring role models – folks who are older than me – who represent growing older with grace, guts and glory!

Simultaneously, my talented street photographer friend Dominique Misrahi was snapping amazing photos of people who fit my request to the universe.

Dominique’s subjects are stylish and feisty – and prove age is just a number – and a number you throw away and forget about!

So I invited Dominique to share her inspiring role model photos on my site.

Voila! You can see Dominique’s photos below!

Please follow Dominique at @dominique_nyc for more beautiful and touching photos.

Aging With Style And Confidence

Aging With Style And Confidence

Aging With Style And Confidence

Aging With Style And Confidence

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