Aging With Style And Confidence

Learn more about cutting-edge knowledge to protect you from age-related diseases and dementia.Want to be inspired to age with style and confidence?

Me too!

I’m almost 58 and a late in life mom. So, lately I’ve been thinking a lot about aging healthier – and with style and confidence.

With this in mind, I started researching longevity secrets – and now have a longevity book – called LIFE IS LONG.

Plus I’m always looking for people who age with style and confidence.

So I went on Instagram and found some inspiring role models – folks who are older than me – who represent growing older with grace, guts and glory!

Here are 3 accounts on Instagram who promote aging with style and confidence

1. My street photographer friend

Dominique Misrahi.

Dominique’s subjects are stylish and feisty – and prove age is just a number – and a number you throw away and forget about!

Aging With Style And Confidence

2. My pro-aging friend

Meri Frishman

Meri’s always posting stylish clothes for women 40 and over – as well as a range of posts featuring cool women over 40 doing inspiring things.

aging beauty and style

3. My style and beauty photographer friend

Susie Lang

Susie loves finding super cool older women – with fabulous style – and photographing them in unique and powerful photographs.

aging with beauty and style

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