Let Kids Be Kids: How To Raise Happy Kids With Good Self Esteem

Let Kids Be Kids smiling and silly

There’s a famous expression: Let kids be kids. It’s always a delicate balance to allow children to be their true selves, while also knowing when to give them boundaries. Read on…

Note: This is a guest essay be Denise Barry

A few years ago we became members of a Country Club near our house

I resisted joining for the longest time.

Quite frankly, I thought there would be a bunch of snobs there.

I thought we would have to sit up straight, eat with the right fork, and list our accomplishments regularly.

I do not tolerate this kind of foolishness well.

But my husband LOVES to golf, so we joined.

We had dinner there last night.

We do this a lot more than I thought I would – and I’ll tell you why.

life is short be silly have funThere was a little boy there, about two years old.

He was running around the hall, just outside of the dining room.

His dad was standing by, watching him, while the rest of the family ate their meal.

An older man came out of the restroom, looked at the little boy, and smiled.

“That’s exactly what kids should be doing!” he said. “Kids should be kids.”

I love our Country Club.

Frankly, I was surprised the people in our new Country Club weren’t more stern and snobby about this child’s playful attitude.

Truth to be told – if you want to raise happy kids who feel good about themselves you have to know when to discipline them. And when to allow them to be free to be their true selves.

A child needs to feel okay about expressing their authentic happy nature.

So it’s okay for an adult to allow kids to be silly and playful.

In fact, I believe it’s perfectly fine for a child get up from their seat during dinner and do a little dance of joy. Or sing a song. Or run around near a restroom in a happy way.

As long as a child is not misbehaving or hurting someone else, there’s no harm.

If anything there’s the opposite of harm.  A child’s happy energy can help us adults to smile and feel a bit happier just watching their joy bubble forth.

Note: This is a guest essay by Denise Barry

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