How To Calm A Child Using A Fun Breathing Tool: A Pinwheel

How To Calm A Child Using A Fun Breathing Tool: A PinwheelHow to calm a child down? Try this breathing tool and other quick relaxation techniques which help kids to relax quickly and get into a better mood.

My almost-5 year old son (Ari Salmansohn)  is an awesome kid. But, alas, he is still a kid.


He can get emotional at times.

Usually this happens when he’s told he can’t have or do something he really, really, really wants to have or do!

In the past when Ari’s gotten upset, I’ve told him to breathe.

Ironically, this seemed to get him more upset.

So one day when Ari was in a good mood, I asked him to explain to me why he always becomes more upset when I tell him to breathe.

He explained that he kind of didn’t know exactly what I was talking about.

So I explained how it helps to breathe in and out deeply when you’re feeling stressed or angry.

Immediately Ari complained that this breathing deeply stuff was both difficult and boring.

So I came up with a good parenting tool!

I bought him a Spider-man Pinwheel.

(See photo above!)

how to calm a child breathing techniqueNow whenever Ari gets emotional, I hand him the Spiderman Pinwheel –  and tell him to blow into it – and make it spin around.

Ari loves to do this.  I love the results.

Ari truly calm down after a minute or two of this Spiderman Pinwheel blowing action!

I believe this breathing tool calms children for a few reasons.

1. It tricks my son into doing a relaxing deep breathing exercise.

2. It’s playful – so it changes my son’s energy state and mindset from agitated to amused.

3. It’s a game – and even a bit of a challenge – so it distracts my son from thinking the thoughts which were upsetting him – because he’s now determined to make that pinwheel spin around and around.

4. Yo – it’s a Spider-man object! Boys love Spider-man. Nuff said.

I recommended this Pinwheel Tool to my mommy friends – and even bought these pinwheels below to give to them as gifts! They’re very inexpensive and work great.

They all thanked me – and said the Pinwheel Tool worked!

I also noticed that Ari was particular resistant and emotional around bedtime. The little guy just loves life so much he doesn’t want to go to sleep. This brings me to my next tool for calming my child down.

I bought an aromatherapy diffuser night light!

In particular I bought an aromatherapy diffuser which has a fun color changing aspect – which my son loves.

I put lavender essential oil into it – which is a known-to-work calming scent.

This scent helps to calm my son down – further setting the mood for sleep!

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