Supermarket versus Superman [a super sweet Ari story]

Ari 2012Last week I told my 2 year old son, Ari Salmansohn, “Let’s go to the supermarket!”

Only Ari heard “Let’s go to see Superman!” 

As you can imagine, Ari was super-excited about seeing Superman!

I tried very hard to explain to him – before we left the apartment – that we were going to the Supermarket – not Superman – so Ari wouldn’t been too disappointed when we wound up in the milk aisle instead.

Ultimately, I got Ari to calm down about his super high expectations for a Superman encounter by explaining to him what a super market was – honing in on how it’s a place where he’d be able to see/get his favorite yummy foods.

My hope was that when he heard that chocolate ice cream, grapes, cheese and apple juice would be there – he’d be just as excited to encounter them, as Superman.

It worked. Ari heard “chocolate ice cream” within that list -and became very excited about a “chocolate ice cream” encounter. Phew. I was very relieved that chocolate ice cream trumped Superman and that our supermarket journey was destined to be a happy and peaceful one.

I shared the situation (before it was fully resolved) with my awesome community on my Facebook page.  I loved the fun responses I received from everybody so very much, I wanted to share them here – on my blog! I truly do love/appreciate the awesome community of warm, engaging, insightful people on my Facebook page! 🙂

  • Kimberly Peace lol
  • Karen Elizabeth Woolfall oh no ..
  • Elaine Springer Wishful hearing .
  • Elena Martinez sweet
  • Lisa Hayes Sounds like you need to take a detour to the bookstore or videostore and read a superman story to him.
  • Jim Jimbob Bergren that is precious!
  • Connie Johnson That wishful thinking gets all no matter our age. smile
  • Kristine-Kilo Tango Bravo Find the first male Soldier in Uniform and say – THIS is Superman!
  • Lisa Herring maybe you will pass by a comic book with superman’s picture on it and explain the real superman is only on tv
  • Lino Sanft Pretend you said, “Let’s go Superman!” like you needed his help in the market, lol
  • Beth Monroe Maybe get him Superman cookies (oreos)
  • Kindness Heals awwww, hmmm, might tell my son that Superman had to leave the supermarket to go help someone but he left something for him… maybe his favorite food item to help him grow up healthy and strong like superman. Might work. ARR
  • Larsi Sondreal My best friend Leila Lindquist actually lives in Metropolis, Il . . . just in case you do decide to take him to see Superman . . . I can point you in the correct direction. I think you can purchase eggs and milk there as well .
  • Leticia Simental Tell him you are buying him milk so he can be strong like Superman!
  • Victoria Kyoko Tell him that if he drinks all of his milk, he could very well grow up as strong as Superman. Two birds, done.
  • Janilee Roach Delightful!!!! LOL
  • Sarah Harmon Lol kids are so cute
  • Anamaria Ragland-Munoz That is a cute story
  • Ryan Essenburg let him go to the supermarket in his superman Underoos. I had Superman and Batman growing up they were great
  • Lynn Graap Lol
  • Sophia Husbands That’s so sweet. How the young have aspirations and dreams, and they feel no fear with POSSIBILITIES
  • Seon Venville u need to find a superman!
  • Shannon Kidwell Awww…cute.
    I agree with the comic book store idea, or something similar. 
    ……Or say something else exciting (that you actually can do) to distract him. Hopefully the two year old attention span will save the situation. Lol.
  • Helen Wilkinson Esteban Maybe a superman costume is in order?
  • Kathryn Wysong lol
  • Floydilou I foresee a really cool graphic from you tomorrow!
  • Janelle SunLionness Speaks haaaaa
  • Li Ro Hilarious!!! It’s also fuuny when older ppl mis-hear things too!! I love this!! (my grandmother thought spongebob was billy bob thornton.,.. “yeah, i know that spongebob….he was married to …. angeline”).
  • Marja Kaarento They’re so cute at that age.
  • Elizabeth Sue Frost MacQuire surely you can find a superman something there ; )
  • Elisabeth Smith lol
  • Bryan Meyers Grocery store
  • Janelle Clancy Superman would have been quite busy anyway… What a humble story Merry Christmas!
  • Sharon Ratliff Just tell him superman was there but b/c of his excitedness, He took too long and the dude had crime to fight..had to leave…..lol
  • Kay Dollinger call ahead and have the bored produce guy tie on his apron backwards like a cape and-voila, SUPERMAN!
  • Joanna Herrera Hilarious.
  • Chelli Sherwin Tell him superheroes are evewhere, though we don’t always see them!
  • Elissa Weindling Maybe you need to change your plans to meet his expectations–spontaneous fun!
  • Denise Hamel-Tanguay You should have really let him try to fly around and look for him at the grocery store and see how fast you two could go around and get all the groceries… make it a spy game of sorts.
  • Jeanne Gallegos thats really cute!
  • Jennifer Kagan Tell him you just missed him, and you’ll try to catch him again next time instead.
  • Rosella Francisco Start ha ha ha!
  • Your Special Day Rent him a Superman movie.
  • Jeni Wonders lol,at 2 the supermarket can be an adventure too…jeez superman needs milk to stay strong right?

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