8 Things To Give Up If You Want To Enjoy A Happier Life

Things To Give Up If You Want To Enjoy A Happier LifeHappiness is not just all about what you have. It’s also about what you’re willing to let go of. Here are 8 things to give up to enjoy a happier life.

The more of these things you can stop doing, the more quickly you’ll upgrade the quality of your life.

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8 things to give up to enjoy a happier life!

1. Give up ignoring your intuition

Want to develop your intuition and strengthen your intuitive abilities? Here’s some interesting research and techniques in for how to listen to your gut.

2. Give up saying a “yes” when you want to say a “no”

Life is short. Make sure you’re living it in a way which is true to you. And it’s never too late to create a life which is authentically yours. Here’s an article on how to make the best of your life after age 50.

3. Give up allowing negative people too much time & influence

It’s tough to hang out with negative people and live a positive life. Here’s an article with 6 simple tools to help you to respond to a negative person – by building better boundaries around yourself.

4. Give up allowing negative thoughts too much time & influence

Want to stop negative thoughts from following you around all day? Here’s a simple tool to think more positively.

5. Give up sugary and chemically-laden foods

I believe sugar is a bigtime sociopath. It acts sweet – but it’s really poison! And processed foods are your frenemies too. Here’s an article with tools to eat healthier.

6. Give up over-complaining – which leads to under-appreciating

When you stop complaining you can greatly increase your gratitude for what you have – and thereby boost your happiness. Here’s an article with tools to go on a Complaint Cleanse! 

8. Give up fear of failure – which leads to fear of trying

You only get one life. You might as well make it as darn good as you can! Here’s an article with tools and motivation to get braver and take more chances! 

Here’s a quote poster with this list of 8 things to give up

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