How to Respond to a Negative Person: 6 Simple Tools

How to respond to a negative person: 6 simple tools

It’s tough to hang out with negative people and live a positive life. With this in mind, below are 6 simple tools to help you to respond to a negative person – by building better boundaries around yourself – so these difficult people do not get to you.

Unfortunately, talking with a challenging person has the power to change the direction of your mood and day.

This holds especially true if you’re what psychologists call an “empath” or a “highly sensitive person.”

Basically, if you want to be happy, it’s important you don’t allow a negative person to hijack your thoughts and emotions.

The less you respond to negative people, the more peaceful your life will become.

6 Simple Tools For Responding to A Negative Person

1. Imagine a bubble of white light around you as a shield of emotional protection.

It’s very helpful to envision a shield of white light all around your body – serving as a boundary  – protecting your emotional wellbeing.

Keep in mind this wonderful Ghandi quote: “I will not let anyone walk through my mind with their dirty feet.”

2. Recognize this person is in pain

Become aware that anybody who is in a negative state is suffering in some way. Send them love and prayers instead of anger.

3. Breathe deeply

Breathing deeply will help you to stay calm and centered. Also, focusing on your breath will help you create a further “bounce back barrier” to their negativity – because focusing on your breath serves as a way to deflect away from their negative words.

Remember: Often negative people need drama like oxygen. Don’t let them take your breath away. Keep on breathing calmly.

4. Don’t take their negativity personally

I know that it’s often difficult not to take things personally. Just remind yourself that taking things personally with a negative person will only give the negative person a sense of “winning” because they’ve managed to spread on their negativity. 

How to Respond to a Negative Person: 6 Simple Tools5. Don’t get caught up in a dialogue of drama

Recognize that sometimes a truly negative person can only view the world from their perception. It’s exhausting to try to reason with them. Often they can only see the faults of others and are colorblind to their own faults.

If you ever have the choice between…

  • fighting with a negative person and winning the fight
  • simply staying positive and calm

….always pick staying positive. Why? Because remaining positive and calm automatically makes you a winner.

6. Smile as best as you can.

Don’t respond with more negativity. Do the best you can to spread your positivity to them – instead of the other way around – where you catch their negativity. Recognize that the simple act of smiling and remaining warm might actually help to challenge the negative person’s view of the world. Who knows, in some small way you might represent proof that “calm, good people do exist” – which will help them to become a little less negative.

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