Business Electricity: How Going Green Can Benefit Your Company

Business Electricity: How Going Green Can Benefit Your CompanyOne thing’s for sure when it comes to business electricity:

It doesn’t come cheap!

Businesses tend to burn through huge amounts of electricity each month and ramp up sky-high bills in the process.

Indeed, SMBs in the United States spend around $60 billion on energy costs every year!

Know the struggle and want to bring those debilitating bill payments down to size?

Me too! And so do my business clients.

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Lucky you! I’ve done the research about “going green” for you! And I’ve found out, if you go green, you could solve a lot of problems.

How Going Green Can Benefit Your Company

Want to learn about the main advantages of becoming a more environmentally-friendly organization?

You’re in the right place.

Read on to discover exactly how going green can benefit your company.

1. You’ll Experience Increased Savings

The most obvious benefit of going green:

  • financial savings you’re sure to enjoy!

Yes, smaller business electricity bills go with the territory when you…

  1. Incorporate more energy-efficient systems an
  2. Leveraging eco-friendlier sources of energy

For example, you can cut down utility bills by…

  • paying companies like Blue Raven Solar to install solar power panels on your building
  • replacing old incandescent bulbs with new LEDs
  • investing in energy-efficient appliances 

2. Your Brand Image Will Improve

As I mentioned up top, I’m a branding consulting. (You can explore working with me 1-on-1 – here!)

Sustainability’s a buzzword of our times – all over the news, magazines and social media! Happily, people care more about the planet than ever before. We’re hyper-conscious of our habits, eager to reduce our impact, and angered by practices that don’t consider the environment.

It’s no surprise that consumers now base buying decisions on a brand’s ethos on eco-friendliness. Ask someone to decide between green and non-green businesses! They’ll take the environmental option every time.

As you can imagine, this is a key reason for your business to go green ASAP!

Trust me. Your customers will appreciate any sustainable efforts you make. They’ll hear about your attempts, applaud your new approach, and be more willing to buy from you again in the future. If you fail to do so, you could have a mutiny on your hands.

3. You’ll Improve Employee Satisfaction

Your customers aren’t the only ones who’ll value greener practices. You will discover that your workforce does too. Especially if it’s young, woke, and liberal-minded!

Employees will feel happier at work knowing they’re no longer part of poor environmental practices.

The best part? As morale in the team improves, so do rates of productivity and efficiency. It’s a win-win for everyone.

A reputable brand and a happy workforce have knock-on effects too. Your positive green reputation will filter through the grapevine and make your company more attractive to top talent!

All things considered, transitioning to a sustainable model of operations should improve…

  1. rates of employee satisfaction
  2. plus rates of employee retention
  3. your capacity to hire high-quality candidates

4. You’ll Have Newfound Status

Going green gives your business bragging rights too. Remember, other companies (of all sizes) are adopting environmental practices into their operation. As the word spreads and adoption rates escalate, you could get left behind!

By the same token, if you’ve gone green and your competitors haven’t, then you can leverage that fact to attract new customers. In effect, going green becomes a marketing strategy.

The greener you go, the more powerful it can be for business! You’ll attract positive attention, word of mouth will spread. And you’ll cultivate a reputation that sets you apart from the crowd.

5. You’ll Experience Newfound Sales

Consumers don’t just want businesses to adopt greener practices these days though. They want to buy eco-friendlier products as well! They’re looking for natural materials, taken from sustainable sources, via green methods, where the local suppliers get treated fairly.

The most important part?

They’re happy to pay a premium in the process. If you can incorporate these types of products into your catalog, then you’ll tap into new parts of the market, enjoy newfound levels of demand, and reach new heights of customer satisfaction.

6. You’ll Stay on Top of Legal Developments

Environmental matters are under the microscope more than ever before nowadays. And for good reason! All the scientific evidence suggests we need to change our ways and reduce our carbon footprint ASAP in order to avert “cataclysmic environmental implications.”

The result?

Governments around the world are exploring a range of options for mandating and encouraging greener ways of life.

For example…

  • new laws and regulations could impact your organization!

Aside from doing right by the planet, going green now will put you one step ahead of the game. You’ll be ready and waiting whenever these new legal opportunities happen – with all (or most of) the necessary processes and policies in place already. It’ll be business as usual – while your competitors scramble to catch up.

7. You Can Leverage Various Incentives

The good news is that government institutions aren’t trying to persuade businesses to go green through new laws alone. They’re offering a wide array of incentives too!

Be sure to look into anything that’s available in your state and at the federal level. From tax benefits to government subsidies, there are numerous ways your business can walk away better-off (in financial terms) from making this transition.

Plus, you can expect these types of incentives to disappear in time as environmental practices become the “new normal” across industries! So act now to avoid disappointment!

Struggling with Business Electricity Costs? Go Green

Are your excessive business electricity bills causing trouble each month? Well, you’re not alone! SMBs across the country and in every industry pay tens of billions of dollars to cover their energy costs each year.

The good news is that transitioning to an eco-friendlier approach offers a lifeline. Do it right and you’ll benefit the planet, your bank balance, and your business’ brand all at once!

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