An Inspiring Short Story About Limiting Beliefs

limiting beliefs

Here’s an inspiring short story about limiting beliefs – excerpted from my best selling book, “How To Be Happy Dammit.”

I call it, “The elephant truly NEVER forgets.”

Inspiring Short Story About Limiting Beliefs

The first trick an elephant trainer trains an elephant to do is not to escape.

When the elephant is still but a baby, the trainer chains the infant’s leg to a huge log.

When/if the elephant tries to escape, the log proves stronger, and he gives up.

Eventually the elephant becomes so used to its captivity, that even when it has grown huge and strong, all the trainer merely has to do is tie the chain around the elephant’s leg to anything — even a tiny little twig — and the elephant won’t even try to escape.

It has become a prisoner of its past.

A prisoner of its limiting beliefs.

This elephant and its twig are a lot like you and the pain, struggles, challenges and limitations of your past.

Nothing in your past is in your present now.

you are not your pastExcept your limiting beliefs.

You are not your past history.

And you’re not your past actions.

You are not how others have treated you in the past.

You’re only who you think you are in this moment.

You are only what you do right now in this moment.

It’s time to step away from your twigs.

It’s time to let go of limiting beliefs

Don’t allow the pain of the past to interfere with your present.

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