A Simple Morning Habit To Help You Feel Happy and Balanced

A Simple Morning Habit To Help You Feel Happy and Balanced

Here are is a simple morning habit to help you feel more happy and balanced.

Each morning, when you have your coffee, come up with a “skillset muscle for the day.”

Focus your thoughts and energies on this skillset – and really become aware of how you can stretch and grow in this area.

For example…

One day you might pick “The Great Communicator,” and really concentrate on how effectively you express your ideas to others.

The next day, you might be “La Listener Extraordinaire,” and decide to talk 30% less, listen 150% more.

Other Skillset Muscles To Practice Flexing…

The Problemeister Master

The Giant Wind Of Change

The Positivity Orb

The Love Messenger

The Miracle Magnet

Why does this daily “Skillset Muscle Magnification” improve one’s life?

A Simple Morning Habit To Help You Feel Happy and Balanced
We walk around thinking, “Hell, I should be so much more successful, loved, happy.”

But… are we really TRULY incorporating the skillsets that are needed for us to achieve these results into our day?

Sometimes we forget to be good listeners, stay positive  and be loving.

By focusing in on specific skillsets on different days, it’s like focusing in on different muscle groups at the gym.

You are ensuring you get around to all of the key skillsets needed to unleash your highest potential – staying emotionally balanced and in good mental shape – so you can snag that happy, fulfilling life that you desire… and fully deserve!

I’d love to hear your insights on the comment section below! What’s something which comes to your mind and heart when you read this short inspirational essay. 

Think happier. Think calmer.

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