Joy in a Jiffy: How To Get in a Good Mood Fast

Joy in a Jiffy and Getting in a Good Mood FastIt can feel like the world is just too small sometimes and even the happiest of us can feel the stress. When it’s just one of those days, you often need to get in a good mood fast and get on with the day.

I’m sharing about this topic because I am leading behavioral change expert and bestselling author – as well as a columnist for both Oprah and Psychology.

I’m also the founder of the therapist recommended program The Tweak a Week Online Course – where I share small do-able habits that can improve your life in big ways.

I’ve spent the last few decades writing books and designing courses all about what helps people to feel more joy and get into a good mood fast.

5 Tips To Feel Joy and Get in a Good Mood Fast

From aromatherapy to doing what you love, here are some joyful suggestions to get into a good mood fast.

1. Relief Through Medicine

Medication comes in many forms. For some, self-care is like medication. Others actually take prescribed medications. And then there are supplements. Prescriptions can be dangerous and aren’t always the answer. Sometimes you just need a lift. Chronic illness often benefits from complementary treatments such as chiropractic, Eastern medicine, or even an IV Drip for COVID-related issues. Other supplements to improve mood and energy include vitamins.

2. Mood-Boosting Aromatherapy

Some complementary treatments are mentioned above. One of the most popular is aromatherapy. Just being around pleasant smells can uplift your mood in an instant. Although it isn’t taken seriously by doctors, aromatherapy does have benefits.

Different aromas can invoke various feelings. For example, lavender and chamomile have a calming effect. Additionally, your sense of smell is the most powerful tool you have for instantly recalling memories!

3. Get a Good Mood Fast by Walking

Depression is one of those things that we can often ignore. But without treatment or simply recognizing it, it can get worse. You aren’t alone, as about 280 million people globally experience depression. If you do, then you know how hard it can be to get in a good mood when depressed. Medication, supplements, and de-stressing will help. But one of the most potent methods is one of the easiest and safest! A walk in nature will help clear your kind of worry.

4. Enjoy Your Favorite Hobby

get into a good mood fast feel joyMost people have at least one hobby. This is something that passes the time that you love to do.

It could be playing football, enjoying video games, or something like drone racing!

Whatever it is, you need an outlet that brings you immense joy.

Hobbies are a valued experience for anyone who has one.

Plus hobbies that put you into flow state can even help with overcoming issues like addiction.

5. Don’t Keep Feelings Inside

Just talking with someone you trust will improve your mood instantly when you need to get your feelings out. You can speak with a friend, family member, or trained professional such as a therapist.

If your job is the issue, your employer might offer workplace therapy, which is common these days. Whatever you need, just try not to keep things inside. Dwelling on past events, how you feel, or being anxious about the future will lower your mood and keep you unhappy.

Summary: Get in a Good Mood Fast

Finding relief through medication or supplements can help get you in a good mood fast. But they aren’t the solution. Self-care will alleviate stress and depression and can be as simple as taking a walk in nature. It is also vital that you don’t keep feelings inside and talk it through with someone.

So, if you’re ready to start making choices that align more closely with joy, then my Tweak a Week Online Course might just be the next step you’ve been looking for.

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