Car Crash Tips: Things You Should Do at an Accident Scene

Car Crash Tips: Things You Should Do at an Accident SceneIf you’ve been in a car crash and want tips, here are things to do at an accident scene so you stress less and protect yourself legally.

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Basically, I love sharing insights and strategies to help people stay calm – especially in tough times. With this in mind I put together this quick guide with car crash tips to help you know what you should do at the accident scene.

For example… The State of Illinois requires all motor vehicles that are operated and registered in the state to be covered by liability insurance.

The law does not apply to trailers and does not require you to report car accidents to your insurance carrier. The insurance companies do, however, have different requirements.

Most insurance companies have it written in their contracts that car accidents are to be reported to them as soon as possible after the collision.

If you are involved in a car crash and are not at fault for the accident…

You and your insurance carrier will have a much more difficult time getting compensation for damages if you have not reported it to your insurance. Your insurance company will have a hard time collecting compensation for any injuries that occurred or damage to your vehicle from the person who was at fault. The legal name for this process is subrogation.

If the car crash you were involved in happened in Chicago because of another’s negligence, you should contact a reliable and reputable law firm, such as Midwest Injury Lawyers, located in Chicago. These attorneys are specialists in the laws of Illinois. They will fight for you to receive a fair financial settlement.

Car Crash Tips and What You Should Do At an Accident Scene

There are essential steps to take if you are involved in an automobile accident to ensure safety:

  • If your car is still drivable, park it in a place that will not obstruct other traffic
  • Turn your emergency flashers on to warn other drivers that your vehicle is parked
  • Before moving, make sure you do not have injuries that require immediate medical attention
  • If you are able, help others who have been injured, but do not move them as it could cause further harm
  • Dial 9-1-1 right away and ask for emergency services
  • Ask other drivers or persons involved for their contact information and driver’s license number
  • Talk to any witnesses and ask for their contact information

Under the laws of the Illinois Department of Transportation, car owners or drivers are required to submit a crash report. If the driver cannot physically submit the report, the passenger in the vehicle must file the report. What if there is no passenger, and the driver is not the car owner and cannot submit the report?  Well, then the owner of the car has to send the report.

Car Crash Tips and Things You Should Know About Insurance Contracts

You should understand your automobile insurance contract. If you do not have one or do not know where it is, contact your carrier for a new copy. You should know the following:

  • The policy’s bodily injury limits
  • Whether or not you have MedPay Coverage to cover medical payments
  • If your policy has uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage

MedPay coverage is not required in the State of Illinois; it is considered an extra allowance. This allowance covers persons insured if they are injured in an auto accident. MedPay can often be used to cover medical charges such as co-pays or physician visits.

Underinsured and uninsured coverage protects you if involved in an accident with a person who does not have car insurance or if the other party involved has low bodily injury coverage. 

When You Should Contact an Illinois Car Accident Attorney

You should contact an Illinois car accident attorney if you are injured or if someone has died as a result of a car accident in the state of Illinois. You have rights under Illinois law, and the attorney will ensure you receive fair compensation for damages and injuries sustained in the crash. Illinois has a statute of limitations on filing personal injury lawsuits. There is also a separate statute for filing a damage lawsuit with the courts.

Working with a car accident attorney will ensure you file on time and do not miss out on receiving a fair and complete settlement for damages and injuries. The attorney will understand the laws and how much compensation you can seek. Don’t accept offers from insurance companies without legal representation, as they will have you settle for minimum amounts. 

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