4 Tips To Cope & Manage The Stress of Moving Homes

Tips To Cope & Manage The Stress of Moving HomesHere’s a full list of coping tips to help you to reduce the stress of moving – shared by a bestselling happiness author who moved homes.

The word “moving” has a double meaning when you’re moving from a home you’ve lived in for over a decade.

It’s a “moving” experience… both emotionally and physically.

I know because I recently packed up all the belongings I’ve amassed in my life… and moved them to a new home.

Or rather, Flatrate packed up my belongings for me.

I decided to hire a moving company to do some of the heavy lifting for me.

Hmmm… “heavy lifting” also has a double meaning!

Because it not only required “physical muscle” to put things in the “get rid of pile” and the “new home pile”… it took emotional muscles too.

I had to tap into my “Inner Marie Kondo” and decide what truly was bringing me joy.

Let me tell you, I was grateful that Flatrate Moving was there to assist. They became part moving company, part on site therapists, as I decided “yes” or “no” to everything in my old home.

marie kondo quoteAs it turns out, I’m not alone in experiencing “emotional overwhelm” from moving homes.  There’s even a psychological term for this…

Relocation Depression

Yes, this is a real thing. It’s defined as an overwhelming and persistent sadness caused by moving… which  can even develop into full on depression.

Perhaps that’s why various studies report that moving is the number one stressful life event – even listed as more painful than divorce.

Moving Is Considered the #1 Most Stressful Event in Life

  • Moving homes: 45%
  • Going through a breakup/divorce: 44%
  • Getting married: 33%
  • Having children: 31%
  • Starting your first job ever: 28%
  • Sending your kid to college: 26%
  • Starting college: 22%

What are the most stressful aspects of moving?

  • Packing: 48%
  • Deciding what to keep versus get rid of/donate: 47%
  • Making a down payment on new home/getting a mortgage: 28%

Did you see that? Moving is doubly more painful than paying for your new home/mortgage! Wild, huh?

So, how do you make moving easier emotionally? 

Right now you might be wondering…

  • How can I calm my anxiety when moving?
  • How do I stop being sad about moving?
  • How do I stop being overwhelmed when I move?

With the above in mind, here’s my full list of coping tips to help you to reduce the stress of moving.

4 Coping Tips to Manage Moving Stress

1. Positive perspective

Before the big move, get yourself into a positive emotional state by focusing on all the good stuff in your future living in your new home.

Get a friend and explore the interesting sights and hot spots in your new neighborhood. Discover where the yummiest restaurants are – and if there’s new delicacies to try.

Find out where the best grocery stores and pharmacies are located. Get to know the closest hospitals, gyms, and public transportation.

Your mission: Fall in love with where you’re moving.

View your move as an opportunity to bring more fun and adventure into your world.

2. Hire A Moving Company To Pack and Unpack

Tips To Cope & Manage The Stress of Moving HomesDid you know that 43% of people who did their move all on their own…  said they’d never do that again!

I can understand why!

Let me tell you – I am so happy I hired Flatrate Moving to not only pack up my stuff in my old apartment… but to unpack everything in my new apartment.

It was incredibly relieving to give the major tasks of moving to a reputable moving company.

So I recommend you do the same.

You can use this list of leading movers and packers in the US to find an incredible moving company the next time you move house!

3. Make A Check List

Moving to a new home is not just about moving furniture. There’s a lot of other important tasks you need to do.

For example, changing your mailing address, turning on and off all your utilities, giving back the cable box, getting new sets of keys… and even purchasing new furniture and decor.

So make a check list – and schedule everything.

4. Embrace Self Care

Tips To Cope & Manage The Stress of Moving HomesRecognize that it’s normal to feel moving-out anxiety. In fact, overcoming moving stress starts with this acceptance.  So be extra self loving to yourself during this time.

Explore different methods to reduce your stress:

  • Indulge in bubble baths
  • meditate
  • journal
  • repeat affirmations
  • write gratitude lists
  • watch funny movies
  • meet friends for drinks/meals

If you accept that you will be feeling some stress during your move, then you’ll be less likely to let this stress kick your butt.

One of my favorite stress reducing techniques: Pour yourself a “Cockytale.”

This is when you re-tell yourself a story of a time when you slam dunked a challenge. Make yourself swagger.

Remember: If you made it through a tough time before, you can do it again. So keep your eye on the prize of enjoying your new home… and keep moving forward… one moving box at a time.

Stay Calm During Stressful Times

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