Wonderful Walls: The Best Accessories To Make Your Room Pop

wonderful wallsIf you want wonderful walls (and don’t we all) then you will appreciate these suggestions for the best accessories to make your room pop.

If practicing interior design doesn’t come naturally to you, it’s easy to fall into the trap of having boring walls. They’re just walls, they keep the roof up and separate your rooms from one another, so what else can you do with them?

As  it happens, there’s a lot you can do. I’m an award winning designer and love exploring exciting interior design ideas. With the right decoration and accessories, your walls can look great and they can even make an entire room pop.

Here I’ve gathered some of the best accessories you can use to make that happen. If you’re interested in learning more, you can find more info on wall accessories here.

For now, let’s take a look at what we can do.

The Best Wall Accessories To Make Your Room Pop

1. Add Some Texture

If a wall looks boring, it’s often because it looks flat. Even if the wall is one solid color with no accessories mounted onto it, you can get a long way by adding some texture to it. Fortunately, you can get wallpapers and other coverings that mimic some textures of all different styles, such as wood paneling or fake brickwork.

They don’t even need to be textured, they just need to look textured most of the time, though you can get wallpapers with depth too. Using that same principle, you can also change your room by getting a mural for one of the walls. It can be as minimalist or complex as the room’s décor demands, all that matters is that it looks good!

2. Consider Reading

If you prefer more classic and rustic décor styles, nothing fills a wall more than a bookcase. You can fill the bookcase spaces with all manner of trinkets and objects, though we’d recommend some beautiful books to make it look more natural. Do you need to read all of those books? Well, it’d help, because a bookcase can provide guests and other visitors with an insight into who you are and your other interests. That said, it’s not necessary. At the very least, you can buy several books for decoration and then work through them when the feeling takes you.

Remember that even modern décor styles can benefit from a good bookcase, especially if it’s its own art piece that’s constructed in an interesting, striking way. They can also be made from other materials, like glass, and can be colored differently to match the tone of the room.

3. Do Some Self-Reflection

A mirror can eat up a lot of boring space on your wall. If placed well, it can also interact with the light flow of the room, changing its brightness levels during the day and night, and completely changing how you perceive it as a result. It doesn’t need to be a giant vortex that mirrors your entire room, even a small mirror can make a big difference.

Just like with bookcases, mirrors often have frames that can act as their own art pieces with distinct shapes, colors, and textures that can fit the décor of any room. Whether you’re going for rustic splendor or sterile minimalism, there’s a mirror that will look at home on the wall of your most boring room.

4. Make A Statement

You mustn’t try to fill the walls of your room for the sake of it. This can have varied results. After all, throwing everything at a wall to make it stand out can easily become garish or trashy to look at. Sometimes you just need something to tie that space together, and sometimes that can be a single piece of art or a single mounted accessory. Explore my collection of inspiring artwork prints – inside Instant Wall Art. This artwork is actually an Amazon #1 Bestseller!

These are statement pieces. Think of a fireplace with a wide and open space above it. What goes there is often a statement piece that carries some value or message to the owner of the home, like a favorite painting, some mounted antlers, or some other art piece. Nothing is stopping you from mounting those on other walls to tie them together. Another idea: Add a colorful wall calendar to your office way – like my Instant Happy Calendar! This calendar was so loved, that when it launched, it immediately sold out on Amazon!

5. Use The Rule Of Three

If a statement piece is out of the question, maybe because the wall is too big or you have a more stripped-back décor style that doesn’t support grandiose art pieces, then maybe try the rule of three. This is where you hang three accessories in a horizontal line to create an orderly aesthetic.

If you think three prints or paintings look good next to each other, the rule of three might be for you. You can also create a gallery wall if you want, which is where the photos or prints are hanged asymmetrically.

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