5 Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Theme

5 Tips for Choosing Your Wedding ThemeWhat’s next after saying “Yes” to an epic marriage proposal? Planning for the wedding, of course! A wedding theme is one of the first things needed in the planning stage. There are tons of ideas online that couples might get overwhelmed by them. 

Rustic, travel, glam, old movie, or fairytale themes are only a few options to pick on.

Yes, there are a handful of other wedding themes the soon-to-be newlyweds can choose from.

However, reading the tips below will help the happy couple to decide what their happily ever after looks like and feels. 

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I love sharing tools to help people find a happy love that survives the test of time. So I put together this article on how to chose the right wedding theme to celebrate your relationship.

5 Tips for Choosing The Right Wedding Theme

1. Look into the couple’s personality

 A couple enjoys different things and has other wedding theme ideas too. Nevertheless, they need to come together in only one concrete plan.

If you’re the bride-to-be, you and your beau can check out both of your personalities and start from there. And if you want your wedding to be trendy, modern, and shareable on social media, then displaying your wedding hashtags couples as part of your wedding theme is a great idea.

As yourself questions like: Do both of you enjoy nature? Are you both adventurous or timid? Are you both a book lover? Do you both consider yourselves sentimental?

Sit down with your fiancé to determine what you want it to look and feel like. The extensive discussion can lead to either a chill or formal setting.

2. Choose a venue

You don’t have to book your dream venue right away. Do an ocular inspection on your desired place to identify how big the place is. Another reason is to see how it can accommodate the vision the couple’s going for. You could have an outdoor, garden or traditional theme but don’t have the right venue.

Moreover, the venue will cause the most significant expense on your budget, so it must be perfect. It should reflect your personality, have ample space for all the guests, be accessible, and be easy to design in line with the wedding theme.

3. Select the season

Seasons are changing rapidly along with your wedding ideas. Once you get engaged, pick the season you and your fiance want to get married on. Garden weddings are best during the spring and summer. On the other hand, fall and winter need to have an indoor venue, so no one shivers in the cold breeze.

Romantic fairytale weddings are always in-season. It’s a versatile theme that works regardless if the venue is indoor or outdoor. You can refer to the scenes in the fairytale stories you grew up with and recreate them in your romantic union.

4. Do color combinations

5 Tips for Choosing Your Wedding ThemeWhat are your favorite colors? Are you both okay with the standard color palettes of the theme you’ll choose? Colors play a major role in your wedding. You’ll rely on the primary shades for bouquets, decorations, dresses, nails, suits, shoes, etc.

The colors will affect the overall mood and vibe of the ceremony. Choose the colors based on the season, personal preference and venue. You can also consider the accessibility of the decors on those shades, as you may have a hard time finding the right elements with the right color.

5. Base it on the budget 

If you have an unlimited budget, then good for you, but if you want to stick with an ‘X’ amount, you should consider whether the wedding theme fits it. A glam motif means you need expensive-looking materials on your decor and place. Cottagecore weddings are more laidback because of their rustic roots.

Just a reminder: You don’t need to follow the trends and withdraw all the money from your bank account just because people expect an extravagant ceremony. It’s better to stick to a budget yet splurge on things like honeymoon, house, car and a baby.

Your Wedding Theme is Important

What the couple decides should represent them together. It doesn’t matter what wedding theme they decide on (even though it may be a gothic one) because at the end of the day, it’s their intimate ceremony and other people are simply spectators of this romantic union.

Congratulations to the soon-to-be newlyweds. Cheers!

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