7 Things You Need to Know About Dating in Greece

7 Things You Need to Know About Dating in GreeceFinding love can be hard.

This is true in your home country, but it’s particularly true if you’re living in a foreign country. That’s why I’d like to help with a few pointers about what it’s like dating in Greece.

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I recognize that dating in Europe can be tough for Americans, what with the language and cultural barriers. That’s why I’ve assembled this helpful list of seven things you need to know about the Greece dating scene.

Tips For Dating in Greece

dating in greeceBelow are important tips and strategies for dating in Greece

1. Greeks Dig Foreigners

It turns out that Greeks are into exotic-looking foreigners.

And this is the case when it comes to both Greek men and women. Now, Greece may not be the most ethnically diverse nation in the world, but it’s still possible to glimpse mixed couples strolling hand-in-hand along the beautiful streets of Athens, Mykonos, or Thessaloniki.

Perhaps it’s the exotic looks, or maybe it’s the accent. Either way, Greeks are attracted to foreigners. In any bar in Greece, you’ll find Greek men are quite willing to approach foreign women—in fact, they’re a little freer with the compliments than they are with Greek women.

So, if you’re a foreigner looking to test the dating waters in the Hellenic Republic, your odds are pretty good.

2. Traditions Are Strong

It’s important to bear in mind that traditional dating is still very strong in Greek culture.

What this means in practice is that the traditional custom involves young men and women being introduced to each other by their families. A prospective couple will be introduced, usually at the home of a family member. If they click, then a date is arranged to get things rolling.

Throughout the period of traditional courtship, the couple would get to know each other’s family. Because in Greece, you don’t just marry your beloved—you marry the whole family.

3. But Modern Dating is Changing

Despite the prevalence of traditional customs, there are certain aspects of modern dating that are intruding on the customs of dating in Greece.

As such, many young Greeks are more interested in discovering their own romantic partners…without the interference of parents and family members. And this means they’re open to using social media and dating sites just like other Westerners – so you want to make sure you use the best Greek dating site.

Still, there are many Greek women who are quite comfortable with the old ways, and prefer traditional courtship customs.

It will all depend on how your prospective romantic partner was raised, and which dating method he or she prefers. Either way, when dating Greeks, be respectful and courteous—that sort of thing never goes out of style.

4. Things Get Serious When You Meet the Friends

After a few dates, you might just have the opportunity to meet your date’s parea—which is to say, a group of close friends.

Now, in Greece a parea is fully as important as family. It usually consists of a mixture of childhood friends, cousins, and school chums. So it’s crucial to make a good impression at this stage of dating.

No pressure—but if you blow it with the parea, you can pretty much forget going any further in the relationship. So relax, be yourself, and always be on your best behavior around your date’s friends.

5. Greeks Take Gender Roles Seriously

Forget all this nonsense about gender fluidity and equal pay.

Greeks aren’t having any of it. They have very definite opinions about the roles played by men and women, and few are interested in exotic sexual identities.

Greek men expect women to cook, clean, and take care of them and their children. Greek women, on the other hand, have very rigid expectations of their own. Men are expected to be strong and competent, and willing and able to woo and take care of their women.

After all, this is nothing new. Over 2,400 years ago, the Athenian playwright Aristophanes poked fun at Greek gender roles in his famous comedy Lysistrata.

6. Go Out for Coffee

A first date in Greece will often involve coffee.

In the US, asking someone out for dinner is a general code for asking someone out on a date. In Greece, however, things can be a little different.

This is largely because dinner and lunch and meals of any kind are large, family and friend affairs. So if you ask a Greek woman to dinner, for instance, she might not associate this with a romantic overture.

And you’d feel awfully mortified when she shows up…with her entire family. But since much of social life—including dating life—in Greece revolves around the country’s plentiful coffee shops, it’s best to ask her out for a cup of coffee. And if you love coffee, you can order in some for a cup in your home, shopping locally or exploring trustedcoffeereviews.co.uk for a perfect brew.

7. Just About Anything Goes

It comes down to this: dating etiquette in Greece is all over the map.

And Greeks are pretty dedicated to their romantic life. This is especially the case with Greek men—they’re not shy about making advances.

And they’re also pretty good about taking no for an answer. That is…eventually they’ll take no for an answer. But they might ask a girl out once or twice or ten times or a hundred times before giving up.

After all, in Greece it’s a man’s job to pester a woman until she finally gives in to his charms. Don’t take our word for it—it’s right there in their ancient mythology.

All You Need to Know About Dating in Greece

Dating in Greece can be an exciting experience—and it might even lead to finding the person you were meant to spend the rest of your life with.

So if you’re looking to break into the Greek dating scene, go ahead and keep these seven tips in mind. They might come in handy when it’s time to woo the next Greek god or goddess that catches your fancy.

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