How To Buy A Thoughtful Gift For Someone

How To Buy A Thoughtful Gift For SomeoneDo you find yourself struggling to buy gifts for the people you love? Sometimes it’s not about what we buy them, it’s about what the gift signifies.

For example, if you’re getting gifts for friends, you can tap into their favorite hobbies (tennis) or passions (fashion). But the gift needs to be special. Buying someone who loves road trips a gift like an “air freshener” doesn’t particularly cut it!

Need some help? Read on!

If you are trying to communicate to someone that you care about them by buying them a gift, keep the following in mind.

Holidays vs Occasions

There are so many occasions to get someone you love a gift –  like birthdays and Christmas and holidays like Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day.

But, there are also plenty of other unique and personalized opportunities to get a gift  –  which have more personal meaning.

For example..

If someone you love did something extra nice for you, you might want to get them something simple like a lovely smelling candle or a bottle of their favorite wine.

If someone you love is going through career struggles, you might want to get them an  inspiring journal – where they can brainstorm career solutions and stay motivated.

If you are noticing that a mom you love is especially stressed, you might want to check out websites like Gifts for Mum – which can provide you with a springboard of gift ideas for moms.

Or if you notice a friend has been dealing with big challenges, you might want to get them an inspirational book or friendship book – so they feel supported and cherished.

Objects vs Experiences

A small gift might be a little thing – but it can express a lot of emotion.

The right gift can tell someone that you care about them, but without actually saying these words.

One of the most loving gifts you can give someone – is gift that is an experience, rather than a gift object.

Maybe you can take someone out to a yummy dinner at their favorite restaurant – or take them to a funny movie to make them laugh – or take them on a beautiful weekend getaway vacation to help them forget their struggles.

When you give someone an experience, you are giving them a gift which keeps on giving – because they will forever have the loving memories of the experience which they shared with you!

How To Buy A Thoughtful Gift For SomeonePrice vs Priceless

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to get someone a thoughtful gift – which lets them know you care.

You can simply give them the gift of your time – by chatting with them in a deep way over a cup of coffee or tea.

Giving someone the gift of your time – simply sitting with them – looking into their eyes – hearing their words up close and personal – well…this can be the best, most priceless gift of all.


You can hand draw a fun homemade coupon  – which promises this person your time over a coffee or tea – and give them this thoughtful coupon inside of a card.

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