How To Build Physical Strength To Prepare For Old Age

How To Build Physical Strength To Prepare For Old AgeThe older you get, the more you need to learn how to build physical strength as to prepare for old age and to help you live longer and better.

As you age, building physical strength can become a challenge or a burden. With many responsibilities at home and at work, you may tend to have less time to move. 

Moreover, while you’re young, you may not see the importance of developing strength and stamina to prepare for old age.

Hence, you may potentially suffer from premature health conditions, limitations, and frailty that could’ve been initially averted.

As you might know, I wrote a bestselling longevity and wellness book: Life is Long. Inside I share many research-based secrets to living longer, healthier younger, and embracing “a pro-aging mindset.” In this article I will be sharing the importance of maintaining good muscle tone and endurance as you age.

The Importance Of Building Physical Strength As You Age

Progressive loss of lean muscle mass, also known as sarcopenia, is evident as you age. Consequently, sarcopenia can lead to an increase risk for injuries, fractures, and falls. It can also potentially decrease flexibility, limit movement, and decline cognitive performance.  

Nonetheless, sarcopenia can be prevented by building your physical strength today. Developing strength can help you become independent; it can also help improve fitness stamina, support joint flexibility and bone density, manage weight, boost your mood, and help you enhance your overall sense of well-being. 

For this reason, it’s crucial to improve your strength, especially while you’re still young. This is only not to prepare for old age, but to maximize the energy that you have in the present. 

Preparing For Old Age 

There are numerous ways to tone up your muscles. To show you, below are ways to build and develop your physical strength: 

1. Strength Training

aging slowly gracefully elegantlyEngaging in strength-boosting exercises is one of the most effective means of honing in strength. Strength training is the general term for physical activities performed to build muscle and increase endurance. These exercises are commonly done through repetitive motions using free weights, elastic bands, resistance devices, or even your own body weight.

Strength training offers a lot of health perks, especially when done regularly. For instance, it can help you perform daily activities with ease such as lifting objects, opening a jar, moving items from one point to the other, and much more. Apart from this, it can likewise help maintain balance and flexibility, which can help prevent pain and fractures.

In addition, there are several strength training exercises which you can do at home. These include, but are not limited to, the following:

2. Calisthenics

Typically, strength training is linked with lifting weights. Nonetheless, there are other means to execute it. 

Calisthenics is a form of strength training that allows you to build muscle strength using your own body weight. Beginner-friendly calisthenics include squats, lunges, crunches, planks, push-ups, glute bridges, and the like. 

However, as you progress further in your workout, you’ll be required to be innovative in modifying your moves with the aid of equipment for bodyweight exercises. This is to add variety and challenge in your entire exercise regimen.

When choosing equipment for bodyweight exercises, choose ones that can help you step up your moves as you navigate from one exercise to the other. For instance, you could choose from dumbbells, resistance bands, jump ropes, foam rollers, and others. 

3. Arm Weights

Apart from helping you burn calories at home, lifting arm weights can also solidify upper back muscles and shoulders. Consequently, this can help you stabilize joints, have better posture, and develop a muscular upper body. 

Additionally, toning your arms is fairly simple. You initially need to choose between adjustable and fixed-weights. Depending on your preference, both types can help support you during training. After deciding and purchasing one, you can start performing movements from a standing or sitting position. 

Nonetheless, it’s crucial to focus on maintaining proper form while using your weights. This is to prevent injuries and mishaps that could occur as you hold and lift those devices. Likewise, focusing on the proper form can help you efficiently maximize your energy for your target muscle group. 

4. Yoga

exercise to increase libidoAlthough yoga is generally known to improve balance and flexibility, this exercise can also help build physical strength.

Through performing a series of poses and stretches, you can gradually develop the required strength to maintain the right form.

As you practice over time, you can tone your muscles to help your bones and joints exert less effort. On top of this, yoga has many benefits which include sharpening mental concentration and discipline.

To mix things up a bit, you can add yoga to your exercise regimen. Through a series of yoga postures, you can gradually loosen up muscle tension due to lifting heavy weights.

Wrapping It Up: Physical Strength For Old Age

Whether you opt to use devices or your own body weight, there are several means to build physical strength. By learning to incorporate simple exercises that are fitting to your lifestyle, you can gradually strengthen and tone up those muscles. With this, exercise can become an enjoyable activity rather than a boring ritual.

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