Dear Younger Self: A Letter To Younger Me with Lessons Learned

dear younger self

I wrote a Dear Younger Self letter – to younger me. It was a very freeing release of long held emotional pain. I then produced it into a Spoken Word Video – down below!

I’ve often wondered if I could time travel back to my childhood, what insights and advice I’d share with younger me.

I would want to reassure younger me about all the troubling aspects of her life – which she finds painful and uncomfortable. I’d want to ease her sadness, regrets, fears, struggles.

dear younger self letterPlus I’d want to warn her a bit about the future  – but without giving away too many spoilers.

After all, I believe all of my tumultuous experiences – in the end – were helpful lessons for grown up me to absorb!

Basically, I’d want to encourage younger me to feel good about who she is – and what she has the power to become – so she feels safe and confident during those times she felt ready to give up.

(Of which there were many!)

So I wrote a Dear Younger Self Letter.

I kept the advice general – so this emotional letter not only applies to my younger self – but your younger you too!

Writing this Dear Younger Me Letter was very cathartic. And so was turning my letter to younger me into an inspiring Spoken Word Video – which is now up on YouTube.

My Dear Younger Self Spoken Word Video

Be sure to watch till the end – for an empowering reminder!

I hope watching this short but powerful video helps you to forgive your younger self – and inspires you to love yourself a little harder – for everything you’ve been through.

My “Dear Younger Self” video is also a wonderful reminder for young people to watch.

So please share my “Dear Younger Me” video with someone you know who is younger and struggling.

How to Write A Dear Younger Self Letter

Interested in writing a “Dear Younger Me Letter” to your younger self?

  • Start by thinking about the main emotionally charged parts of your childhood. 
  • Where do you still feel pain in your heart?
  • What still troubles you about a mistake or incident?
  • Write to your younger self and encourage them to see the lesson or beauty to be found in all they had to go through.

When you write A Dear Younger Me letter, a lot will come up for you. You’ll realize things you might not have fully understood on a conscious level. Afterwards you will feel a sense of freedom and release.

At least I sure did.

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