Effective Relaxation Methods: Simple Stress Cures That Work

Effective Relaxation Methods: Simple Stress Cures That WorkHere are some effective relaxation methods that can be practiced almost anywhere and anytime. Just 15 minutes a day can help counter stress.

Note: This is a guest essay by Nicholas H. Parker

Stress has many harmful effects on the body and the mind:

  • Muscles tighten causing neck pain and headaches
  • Stress hormones (adrenaline and cortisol) interfere with normal body function
  • Sleep patterns are disrupted causing fatigue
  • Digestive problems start to occur – causing heartburn, pain, etc.

Thankfully there are simple ways you can start to relax, so you don’t have to struggle with these challenges. Being an essay writer, I worked out the following relaxation methods to help with: work problems, exam times, relationship challenges, medical interventions etc.

Holistic Relaxation Methods

The following techniques are skills that can be learned with practice. Since the dawn of time, they have been around because they really work and have proved their worth.

Breathing Relaxation Method

relaxation methodsThe first technique is Diaphragm Breathing. It entails breathing deeply but slowly into the deepest part of the lungs. The reason why it is calming for the whole body is the link between the diaphragm, the brain, and the adrenal glands.

When we breathe fast and the diaphragm pumps quickly, the body is prompted to produce the hormone adrenaline. This gets us ready to run away from any perceived threats. However, when there is no external threat and we are merely reacting to a stressful thought, the adrenaline builds up within the body causing feelings of anxiety.

When the diaphragm moves slowly and deeply, messages are sent to the brain that all is well and no adrenaline is needed. The whole nervous system calms down and this helps the mind to feel relaxed too.

Meditation Relaxation Method

By sitting calmly for a few minutes now and then during the busy day, the adrenaline levels can be significantly lowered using the diaphragm breathing technique. This helps to reduce anxiety and can help to stop panic attacks.

Do An Activity That Makes You Happy

While meditation and yoga are both excellent choices when it comes to relaxation, you need to keep in mind that relaxation isn’t one-size-fits-all. So, what actually makes you feel happy? Better yet, what makes you happy but puts you at ease and relaxed? Would it be something like a cup of chamomile tea and a crossword puzzle? How about soaking in a pool or hot tub? It’s really up to you, but the goal is relaxation, so something like intense video games might not be such a good idea. 

Visualization Relaxation Method

relaxation beach visualizationA favorite visualization that works in combination with diaphragm breathing is to imagine lying on a beautiful tropical beach somewhere. Being in a lying position helps this visualization to work better. Imagine the following scene:

How To Do A Lying on the Beach Visualization

Imagine that the sand is warm and molds itself around the body. The body sinks deeper into the sand and starts to relax more and more. The arms and legs become warm, comfortable, and limp. The head, neck, and spine sink comfortably into the sand.

Focusing on the sound of the breath, imagine that you are hearing the sound of waves constantly rolling onto the beach and being sucked back out to sea again. The slow deep breathing sounds like the waves and is very calming.

Peace / Smile Meditation

relax your mind quote karen salmansohnA simple meditation to try – that can be done anywhere – is to simply close your eyes. Slow down and deepen your breathing. On the in-breath, think the word Peace. On the out-breath, think the word Smile. Feel that smile deeply within you.

Yoga for Relaxation

Yoga stretches release tensions from the body, enabling you to relax deeply. It is worth enrolling with a local class to learn the basics. Then try to do 3 sessions per week to promote deeper sleep and relaxation.

About the author: Nicholas H. Parker is an essay writer who used to manage the content team at a company – but now writes articles to share his knowledge with others and obtain new skills. Plus he is highly interested in web design and is a single parent for three wonderful kids.

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