5 Reasons Why You’re Not Getting The Career Satisfaction You Deserve

Why You're Not Getting The Career SatisfactionIf you’re feeling uninspired, unfulfilled and unsatisfied in what you do, here are 5 reasons why you’re not getting the Career satisfaction you deserve.

Ever since you were a kid at school, you’ve always been ambitious.

Maybe you were even a high achiever – with a growth mindset.

  • You chased good grades and won the approval and respect of your teachers.
  • Your parents used to flush with pride when you came home with your report cards, yet you never rested on your laurels.

As the years went by, and you grew to adulthood, you applied the same dedication to your further studies and, eventually, your career.

But now… you can’t help feeling like you’ve lost momentum.

You don’t feel satisfaction in your career.

Yes, you’ve enjoyed your share of successes and victories in your career. But the highs and lows have petered out. And the color and vibrancy you used to experience in your career has become muted.

Every day now brings only shades of gray. 

As your days grow more and more monotonous and repetitive, you’re increasingly aware that something in your career needs to shift.

But what needs to change?

  • Is it time to quit your job and find the satisfaction you crave elsewhere?
  • Or is it worth taking time to discuss how you feel with your boss?
  • Should you simply recalibrate your perspective to make your current job more enjoyable?

5 Reasons Why You’re Not Getting The Career Satisfaction You Deserve

It’s worth taking the time to think long and hard about what’s missing from your career, and planning accordingly. Here are some of the reasons why you may not be getting the career satisfaction that you deserve…

1. You’re frustrated because your goals are unrealistic

Career Satisfaction It’s important to have goals in every aspect of your life.

Goals keep us on the right path and prevent us from falling asleep at the wheel and ensure that we can look back on a life well lived.

Yet, while it’s acceptable and admirable for your goals to be ambitious, be wary of goals that are unrealistic.

  • If you expect to be your boss’ boss within 5 years of starting out in a new job, you’re likely to be met with frustration.

Unrealistic goals can prevent us from celebrating our successes and regard ourselves as failures. And this can be extremely damaging for both our workplace morale and our mental health. 

When it comes to setting goals, take a page from the business playbook and keep then SMART.

When we talk about SMART goals we mean goals that are…

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Relevant
  • Time-bound

Apply this to each of your career goals. Reverse engineer your goals into a series of smaller goals that will set out a path to achieve them. If you can accomplish this while working in your current job, great. If not, it may be time to consider moving on.  

2. You’re chasing the money

Career fulfillmentMoney is important. Especially in an unpredictable economy where nobody’s job or career is completely secure.

However, when we build our career goals around chasing money, we can set ourselves up for a fall.

There are many jobs that are well compensated because they are inherently stressful or difficult. If you’re the kind of person that naturally thrives in a high pressure environment and can quickly grow restless if you’re not challenged, this can be a great career for you.

But if you’re not that kind of person, no amount of willpower or determination can make you that kind of person.

Maybe you’re someone who needs to prioritize seeking career satisfaction and career fulfillment.

No matter where you are in your career, you should consider compensation part of the package that comes with your job, rather than looking at it as the end goal. 

But keep in mind: There are many people who find true career satisfaction only after they’ve stopped chasing the money.

If you are thinking about the current career that you have, or possibly considering changing your career, then you need to think about your motivation as to why. If it is just to get more money, then you could end up in the same predicament again. After all, you’ll always be left feeling unfulfilled in your daily life, if you are only thinking about getting a paycheck.

Remember: You spend the majority of your life working.

So you need your work to be something that will be fulfilling for you and somewhere you can thrive in.

For example, if you are thinking about working as a medical assistant, then you need to weigh up the options of working as a clinical assistant vs administrative medical assistant. Although the wage may differ, you should also think about what will give you more satisfaction. If it is more about helping others, then choosing clinical could be the path for you. If you are organized and like helping others too, then you could choose medical administration instead.

If this is you, it’s time to start chasing career satisfaction and career fulfillment.

Best of all: Money will usually come as a consequence of this new prioritization.  

3. You’re thinking purely in terms of self-gain

career satisfactionIt is your job, and your career. But when you’re focused solely on your self-gain, you may find yourself feeling unfulfilled at the end of every day.

  • There are some of us who are motivated by self-gain.
  • And there are some of us who are motivated by helping others.
  • For the vast majority, it’s all about finding our own balance between the two. 

Some can sleep like babies at night knowing that they’ve made money in less than scrupulous ways.

Most of us cannot.

If your career and current job feel empty and lacking fulfillment, maybe you need to look at something new – that allows you more scope to help people.

Whatever your skillset may be, there’s virtually always a way in which you can gain a lucrative career from helping others.

For instance…

  • If you’ve always wanted to create a video course or write a book which helps people, today’s world gives you the opportunity to do so, through website building. Hire me as a 1-on-1 consultant. I’ll help you to build a brand platform and turn your passion into profit. You can help people and also make money.
  • Or if your background is in software and you’re high tech literate…Nobody would expect you to retrain as a police officer or a nurse because you want to help others. But you may wonder if Cyber Security is a Good Career? Business clients benefit greatly from cyber security infrastructures which keep them safe from opportunistic online criminals.

4. You’re telling yourself you hate your job 

Why You're Not Getting The Career Satisfaction We’ve all done it from time to time. We’ve all muttered words to the effect of “I hate my job” under our breath when we have a bad day.

But when we keep telling ourselves this, not only can it get you into trouble, it can color our perception and become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Instead of wasting effort on hating your job, invest some effort into finding ways to love it.

5. Your stress is getting the better of you

Why You're Not Getting The Career Satisfaction Finally, it may be that it’s not the job you hate, per se. It’s how the job makes you feel. And if your every day is characterized by peaks and valleys of stress, it’s safe to say that something needs to change. 

Swap out every other coffee for a herbal tea.

If your stress is getting too much for you, it may be worth talking to your boss and telling them how you feel. They may be able to give you a little more support to take the pressure off you.

It’s not what you got, it’s how you package it.

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