20 Special Inexpensive Gifts For Coworkers, Bosses, and Work Clients

special inexpensive gifts for coworkersIf you love the people you work, you might want to get special inexpensive gifts for your coworkers (including your boss and clients). Check out this list of gifts of appreciation below.

If you’re like 82% of Americans, you see at least one person that you work with — and probably more — as a friend. And why wouldn’t you? This is only a natural outcome when you get along with someone that you see every day, collaborate with on different projects, and have inside jokes with!

Because the people you work with are your friends as well as people that you need to foster positive relationships with, showing your appreciation for them sometimes can go a long way. That’s why getting gifts for coworkers on special occasions is a must-do.

20 Special Inexpensive Gifts For Coworkers, Bosses, and Work Clients

Here, we’re going to talk about some of the best things that you can get a coworker on their birthday, a holiday, or a congratulations gift after closing a sale with a big client. Read on to make those around you smile and become an even more positive part of the workplace!

Work Gifts for Practical Use

For practically-minded coworkers (or those you don’t have much of a personal relationship with), a gift that can be put to use around the office is a perfect choice. Read on to learn some great pragmatic gifts for the modern workplace!

1. Office Supplies

As you might expect, office supplies are always a good gift for those that work in an office. If the only thing that you really know about someone is their job, then work supplies are the clear path to go down when selecting a present.

Office supplies are also great gifts for coworkers who, while you want to be friendly with, you don’t want a deeper relationship with.

2. Desk Organizers

If you’re looking for a gift to give to your boss, look no further than a desk organizer. Those in management positions often have so many papers and files that they have no idea what to do with, so a portfolio binder or a pen-holding organizer is the perfect gift to illustrate a professional fondness for a superior.

3. Item Locating Technologies

Tile trackers are an amazing technology that helps a person to locate lost items. If you notice that one of your coworkers is always losing things (and frustrated with their predicament), then one of these technologies is a great way to improve their life.

Just make sure that you don’t accidentally come off as passive-aggressive when giving this gift. You don’t want to inadvertently shame your coworker! Take note of the personality of whoever you’re giving this to before you decide on it. If it works, then it’s the perfect gift, but if not, get them something else.

4. Key Holders

Office gifts don’t have to be dull and impersonal. Having a compact key holder on your desk is a practical yet stylish way of reminding you and your coworkers of the value of the organization. Not only do compact key holders reduce clutter on your desk, they also keep your keys safe, making them a functional gift that can benefit the whole office. Plus, compact key holders come in many shapes, sizes and colors to choose from, so you can find something unique that expresses your style without breaking the bank!

5. Computer Software and Downloads

Another great professional gift for a coworker or superior is computer software that you’ve found, used, and thought would make their specific job easier. This is a gift that you don’t even need to get the office to get!

More importantly, though, it shows the receiver that you thought about what their job must be like and care about the difficulties that they have while doing it. It illustrates that you want to make their lives easier.

6. The Latest Tech

Similarly, getting people new technology is always something that they like. New high-quality earbuds give people a new way to listen to their music more easily, and cool new watches are always delightful to receive.

Note, however, that these gifts can get a bit expensive. You won’t want to get them for coworkers that you don’t consider to be close friends, or things can get really awkward, really fast.

Work Gifts for the Aesthetic Fun and Beauty

Sometimes, though, it’s nice to give or receive something that isn’t necessarily something that a person would buy for themselves. These little trinkets are fun and interesting, and they make for great conversation starters. Read on for some gifts that you can get for your coworkers to enhance their overall aesthetic!

1. Cups or Mugs

You know Michael Scott’s ‘World’s Best Boss’ mug in The Office? If your coworker is an Office fan, you could just get them that, but if not, the principle still applies. You can print pretty much any phrase on a coffee cup and give it to your boss or work friend. Consider their name or a favorite slogan as a way to personalize it.

Or, if they haven’t seen The Office, just… tell them about the show. That may be the best gift of all.

2. Desk Toys

Desk toys are also a good way to show your coworker that you care about their likes and dislikes. You can do this by getting a trinket that represents something that they’ve already expressed interest in. If your coworker loves turtles, a little glass sea turtle might be right for them. For a racecar-enthusiast boss, a high-quality model car might be in order.

3. Flowers

While birthday flowers may sound uncreative, they’re a classic for a reason. Flowers are gorgeous and easy to display. They also come in so many varieties that there’s no conceivable way for them to be viewed as a boring gift.

Consider the colors and shapes that your coworker most often uses in their wardrobe or as screensavers and roll with that. Chances are you’ll find a bouquet that they love.

4. Paintings or Photos

There are very few gifts as sentimental as paintings or photos, which is why they probably are a gift best given to those coworkers that you do consider actual friends. If you’re close with someone, a photo of the two of you together is a great idea.

A painting or a favorite location or an inside joke is the perfect way to solidify your friendship, too, and show that you think of them as someone you care for outside of a work context.

5. Wardrobe Accessories

For coworkers that you may not know as well, wardrobe accessories – like beautiful watches – are a great gift. It’s easy to discern the brands, colors, and jewelry types that a person wears in a professional setting just by looking at them. This means that you won’t be left guessing on what an acquaintance might like and are sure to pick out an awesome gift.

Work Gifts for the Palate

It’s a universal truth that everyone loves food. That’s why food items are a great gift for any coworker, whether you know them well or not. Read on to learn some of the best food-related gifts that can be given as a congrats or a thank-you.

1. Boxes of Chocolates

High-quality boxes of chocolates are just as classic a gift as flowers. The vast majority of people like to eat confections from chocolatiers like Godiva and Fannie May but are unlikely to buy such high-quality sweets for themselves. As a gift to celebrate a special occasion, a box of Pixies or Vanilla Buttercreams may be well worth it.

2. Baked Goods

If you don’t have the money to spend on quality chocolates or simply want to do something a bit more personal, baking brownies or cookies for a coworker is a great way to show that you care. You can add in touches like sprinkles and M&Ms if you have it on good authority that your coworker likes that sort of thing, too!

3. Delicious Cheeses

Not everyone has a sweet tooth, and that’s okay. If you’re dealing with a coworker or boss that you’ve never seen touch a dessert in their life, gourmet cheeses are just as good a gift for those who prefer the savory.

Gouda and brie are especially good options for those who like delicious flavor. Consider adding some crackers into the mix, too, to get some texture variety into your gift.

4. Wine

While alcohol may not be something to drink in the workplace, most adults like to unwind at home with a glass of red wine. That’s what makes bottles of wine such awesome gifts for coworkers- while they may not like to get drunk and party, they probably fo have a glass with dinner for the antioxidants.

Do a little research and see if this is something they enjoy. If it is, then you’ve got a great gift idea!

5. A Homemade Meal

If you’re getting a gift for a coworker that you consider a friend, a homemade meal might be a good present. You can bring this into the workplace, but why not invite your coworker over to your place and make them something fresh? This is a great way to also strengthen your bond outside the workplace and get to know each other better.

Work Gifts for Well-Being

Showing that you care about someone’s well-being is a great way to strike up a new friendship or deepen an existing one with a coworker. But how can you demonstrate that you care? Read on for some ideas about items you can get to enable people to show themselves some kindness and love during their time off.

1. Lotions and Moisturizers

Many people suffer from itchy, irritated, and dry skin. If you have a coworker that seems uncomfortable, there are many affordable lotions and moisturizers out there that can help. These are also great gifts because people tend to enjoy the way that they smell and feel, so even if they have zero skin issues, your coworker is probably going to love these presents.

2. Bath Products

You work alongside your work friends, so no one understands their daily stressors better than you do. Natural bath oils are a great way to combat work-related anxiety by moisturizing the skin, relaxing the muscles, and providing at-home aromatherapy.

Plus, relaxing in the tub at the end of a long day is simply refreshing! Giving your coworker that rest is a great way to show them that you care and want the best for them.

3. A Good Book

There’s nothing better to do after a warm bath than to curl up and read a good book. In particular you can get them a book which inspires happiness like Think Happy. Also consider a beautiful line-a-day journal like Listen To Your Heart. Or talk to your coworker about what they like to read and surprise them on an upcoming special occasion with a book in their favorite genre.

4. Restful Tea

In addition to baths and getting the proper amount of sleep, drinking tea that promotes rest and relaxation is one of the best ways that someone can take care of themselves. For that reason, herbal tea is one of the best gifts that you can get a coworker. By allowing them space to relax, you’re ensuring that they’ll feel as good as possible and come to work each day feeling refreshed.

You can generally get insight into what sorts of tea someone will enjoy by looking into what they already eat and drink. If they like fruit, then an orange blossom or peach-flavored tea may be a good idea. On the other hand, oolong may be perfect for someone who likes earthier tastes.

5. A Bit of Extra Time

A gift that costs you no money but means the world to your coworkers is performing a task that they would otherwise need to worry about. This frees up a bit of time for them to sleep, spend time with loved ones, or indulge in a hobby that they love.

More Awesome Gifts for Coworkers

There are a lot of gifts that you could get for the people at work. Always consider the things that they like and select something personal. It’s a surefire way to make the person feel important and valued, both professionally and personally.

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