Digital Marketing 101: Smart Strategies For Success

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If you want success today for your business, you will love this Digital Marketing 101 Guide! Read on…

If you would like your brand to be competitive in the current digital marketplace, then it is essential that you channel your resources towards building a presence for your brand online.

After all, nowadays the world’s modern consumer makes use of the internet to find all kinds of info about products and services.

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Digital Marketing 101: Smart Strategies For Success

You might wonder how to choose between traditional versus digital marketing – and how to be competitive in today’s crowded marketplace. Well…if you are one of those individuals who aspires to reach their target then you should be well-positioned online. But this should go beyond just creating a website with the physical location of your office on it. That is where digital marketing comes in.

Go the Online Marketing Way

Online marketing refers to a vast collection of different tactics used for marketing products as well as services to a targeted audience usually online.  The objective of online marketing is to assist a brand to reach new leads while driving them towards a conversion. This could be purchasing a product or taking the next step in the journey of the buyer. Online marketing also involves different strategies which allow you as the owner of the brand to fully engage the leads you have every step of the journey of the buyer.  Here are some of the tactics:

  • Creating awareness – with digital marketing, you can use online platforms to create awareness regarding your brand. You can reach the ideal consumers when they are aware that there is a problem which can be solved by your product. At this point, they will begin to search for the right answers online. These customers will also begin to seek validating information that assists them to define their predicament.
  • Consideration– at this stage, the prospective buyer is conducting extensive research in order to determine the best solutions for a challenge. Typically, they may end up using search engines to communicate with their friends on different social media platforms. This could be through email while seeking to understand which brands provides the best product on the market.
  • Decision making– at this phase, consumers understand their demands. Therefore, they are always ready to make a decision about the purchase. Using different marketing tactics and strategies, you can play the role of increasing visibility on your search engine. Other online marketing platforms can also help you increase the visibility of your product and make sure that the brand is visible enough to individuals who are prepared to purchase.

Influencer Marketing

Sometime back, influencer marketing was only restricted to superstars. There is some conflicting information about influencer marketing; however, it is a strategy that is more complex to steer. Influencer marketing is a marketing strategy that uses commendations and products references by influencers. On the other hand, influencers are people who have a large number of social media followers and are looked at as professional in that role. An influencer doesn’t have to be a superstar.

Make a choice of pinpointing the top influencers by doing hashtag searches on twitter and take a look at what people are saying about your industry. Reach out to influencers and ask them if they can agree to endorse your brand. Keep in mind that some might offer to do it for a fee and some may want free products in exchange.

Video Marketing

Businesses estimate that videos have increased sales by 76%, helped consumers recognize their product or service 97% of the time, and 81% of people are more likely to purchase a product after watching a brand video.

Every month, more than 1.9 billion people access YouTube, which is owned by Google. In a variety of settings, videos may captivate and involve your target audience. With the development of social media platforms, it is now possible to produce effective business videos and distribute them on a variety of channels.

You can create business-related videos in the form of Q&A sessions, tutorials, unboxings, presentations, announcements, or a straightforward overview of your enterprise. To avoid sounding overly commercial, you can also add amusing, animated, or simply enjoyable videos to your business profile. Videos are critical to your digital marketing plan and will continue to be used. You may now create and edit videos online utilizing either a video editing website or with the help of professionals.

Search Engine Optimization

Many businesses think that they know what SEO is or why they need it in their digital space. In most cases, experienced business professionals are well versed with the capabilities of SEO when it comes to improving the searchability and visibility of your brand. What other instrumental values that SEO provide? Why is it important in digital marketing and why do most entrepreneurs prefer it to other digital marketing strategies? Search engine optimization provides you with SEO reports that can be used to analyze the success or failure of the business. Usually, it all depends on the ranking of the page.

Email Marketing

Email marketing refers to the application of emails in promoting a brand. An excellent definition would be the application of email in developing relationships with prospective clients. Email marketing is an element of internet marketing. It entails online marketing through websites and blogs. The strategy may be used to build or break client relationships. To know whether it is working for you or not, you should assess the number of sales you have made because at its best, via this marketing method, several businesses have kept their customers informed.  

Organic Search is the Source of Traffic

Organic search is in most instances, is a significant part of the performance of your business. It is also an essential element of the purchaser’s funnel since it gets users to finalize a conversion. And as most marketers may be aware, Google has a large share of the total search market unlike Baidu and Bing. That does not imply that every search engine does not contribute to the enhanced visibility of a brand. They all do, but Google is the market leader because it owns about 76 percent of the general market share. For that reason, it is a leader with guidelines that are essential to follow. The remaining part of the market that belongs to other engines is invaluable too.

Pay-Per-Click Ads

PPC is also known as Pay-Per-Click. It is a digital marketing strategy that assists you in reaching more consumers on different search engines. Typically, PPC ads will appear on the first result page of the search engine. Thereafter, you can bid on specific keywords which could be relevant to what you intend to sell. These can be products or services. When visitors of the search engine look for these keywords on Google, then they shall find your pay-per-click ads on the first top, at the top. Additional benefits to using the PPC digital marketing strategy include helping to draw extensive attention to what you are selling. This occurs when your brand appears on the leading page of SERP.

Bottom Line on Digital Marketing 101

In conclusion, digital marketing is also identified as online marketing. It is the umbrella brand name for a group of marketing activities conducted online.

The objective of digital marketing is assisting your brand to be noticed. 

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