The Best Options for a Modern-Day Mid-Career Change

The Best Options for a Modern-Day Mid-Career ChangeThis article will provide you with some crucial details as to the best careers to pursue for a mid-career change between careers. Plus I will show you how to improve your current career and working status.

All of these things have become increasingly popular as more people try to create a better work-life balance. Or seek a more fulfilling career.

Well, I want to boost your chances of success at a modern-day mid-career change. So I put together this helpful article for you.

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With this in mind I here’s my quick guide of the best options for a mid-career change.

What is a mid-career move?

The ability to pivot in your working life after a long career in one field or after being laid off or retrenched has become ever more important. The mid-career move is generally not something that you are told about. Nor are you informed about this in the early days of your career. Basically, it was never a widespread option.

However, the way of work has changed and continues to change dramatically. Technology has made huge in-roads and allowed a way of work that has not been seen before. We are now experiencing a new normal way of work. We have options like hybrid, remote, part-time, my-time, the great resignation, and work from home. All of these choices have come to dominate our language about work and employment.

This has also led to the ability for many to take increased breaks in mid-career. It is the mid-career move into another work option that is either more enjoyable. Or it provides for a better wage that will allow you to make the most of your working time. It is not necessarily about job hopping. Instead it’s about building equity and experience in a specific role. And then using these skills to move on to something with a preferred longer-term outcome.

Tips to make a successful career change

You don’t need to start at the very beginning of another job role or position if you intend to make a mid-career move. The aim should be to start in a way that considers your current work and the existing skills that you have, then building on these skills as and when you can.

Here are a few useful tips that will assist in this regard, making the mid-career move a sideways or upwards job change rather than a step down.

Think about what you like to do

If you’re going to be making a change for the better, you need to spend some time considering in detail what it is you would like to do.

The aim is to ensure that the move you make is going to make for a happier, healthier, and more long-term work/career opportunity. It shouldn’t be an impulsive decision, and the thought process must involve family and partners so that you are able to share and receive honest critique as to the plans you’re making.

Look to job shadow or volunteer in the role

Once you have thought the mid-career move through, you may have a few feasible options available to you. Before you retrain or leave your current role, look to spend some time doing or actually performing the new option.

Even if you simply spend a few days ‘at the coal face’ to see what the role entails and what you would be expected to do on a daily basis. This will allow you to make a much more informed decision about leaving what you currently do and about what you intend to do next.

Don’t be afraid to re-train

One of the best tips or pieces of advice about making a change on your career path is not to be afraid of retraining. The internet allows for access to innumerable courses and formal qualifications/degrees that will be the driving force for a planned change in career.

From the massive online open courses (MOOCS) that are free to high-level degree courses, they are all now available on the internet. For many who make a successful career change, it’s the re-training that actually dispels the fear and anxiety that is associated with such change.

It is thus likely to be an essential aspect of the move and one that you should look forward to.

Speak to others and look for advice

Before you rush headlong into a new career, you need to be sure that there is actually an opportunity to earn the required wages to support your current lifestyle. Having a mentor in the field you have chosen or someone whom you trust and are able to take genuine advice from will go a long way to assisting you in making the right type of choices and decisions.

The best jobs for a mid-career change at the moment


The technology changes that have continued to happen over the last decade have changed the type of work that is trending. You are now able to move into any technology-related or tech-driven role as long as you have the requisite know-how or skills base. The point being made is that all jobs now have a tech component that has been added to them, modernizing them and taking them into the current age.

Automation, machine learning, and digital platforms are the biggest changes to work that we have seen and will continue to see. The simplest way to change jobs in this respect is to be able to add technology to your existing role. Regardless of what it is, by adding tech, you will be able to improve and streamline the tasks as well as make it your job of the future.

Nursing and healthcare management

Nursing as a whole is a distinguished career and presents a vast number of options and alternatives. However, if you have a basic nursing degree, the trend has been to then look to move into health care management once you have done your time in the trenches and have built up some experience.

Don’t have any nursing qualifications and/or background? No worries. You will be able to retrain or use previous management skills to manage healthcare provision. It is, as aforementioned, one of the widest employment sectors and is experiencing a huge staffing shortage at the moment, which is always a great time to move into a new profession.

Mental health support and mental health first aid

Mental health has become a much more recognized issue and can be experienced by anyone. It is this recognition that has put it at the top of any recent job boards, and the sector is very much in demand. Training in mental health first aid and being able to provide such support has become one of the most in-demand job roles at the moment. It is a relatively simple sector to engage in and consider as a career move. You will also be able to do online programs for psychiatric and mental health in your community.

The mental health and psychiatry sector is a definite possibility for a mid-career change. And it has been noted that those with life and work experience make for great counselors and mental health advisors. So you should look into this options if you feel you have the temperament and patience for such a role.


The administration position is varied and incredibly essential for most, if not all, businesses. From tasks like setting up files and filing systems to answering the phone and dealing with inquiries, it can be the backbone of the organization.

Every office space and business has an admin sector or team, and as such, there are always opportunities for administrators.

There may be a short induction and training period. But once you have mastered the daily tasks and processes, working in admin provides a flexible and  relaxed working environment. As a result, many mid-career professionals have chosen to undertake this pursuit as a change towards a better life-work balance.

Project manager

Project management has become one of the most studied online courses. Happily, the software to manage and run projects abounds online. Cloud computing and software as a service means that the project management tools are not as expensive as they used to be, and with the requisite time spent learning, you will be able to offer these services to others as a genuine business or employment possibility.

There is always work for experienced and practiced project managers. And the work is generally on a project-by-project basis. Best of all, it is easy to gain these skills online.

Software support

Whether it is mobile app software for games and entertainment or workplace and business software support, the role is in huge demand. Why? Because all modern systems of business and entertainment (such as politics, healthcare, and more) are driven by software.

Being able to understand specific software as a super-user and then providing the required support to maintain and keep these systems running is thus a much-needed job.

Conclusion: Mid-Career Change

Changing horse in mid-stream may not be advised. But being able to change job or employment in mid-career is definitely both possible and advised. The premise is that you would have done all the necessary research and reading to make an informed decision that will serve to create a better work-life balance or earn you more money.

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