How To Pursue Your Dreams – Even When They Feel Impossible

How To Pursue Your Dreams - Even When They Feel Impossible

Here’s a reminder not to shrink your dreams – but to supersize your courage – and widen your imagination! Read on for how to pursue your dreams – even when they feel impossible.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of the world’s population will never reach their loftiest goals. No matter how hard you work, with years going into the field you love, it isn’t always enough. Factors beyond your control can often influence the path your life will take.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you have to be unhappy with your work. However, if you can’t get the job you want the most,  it makes sense to look for ways to get as close to your dream job as possible!

This post is going to be show you how to achieve this goal with a range of different jobs.

How To Pursue Your Dreams - Even When They Feel ImpossibleA World Leader

There are thousands of people out there with the ambition to lead their country – although very people get to do this role. With only a few hundred countries around the globe, and most of them only accepting citizens for this sort of role, it makes sense that so few people manage to get into it.

Politics is a very broad field. You don’t have to be at the top to make an influence on the people you care about. Being a minor politician can be a very satisfying job, giving you a chance to support your local area, without having to sacrifice your spare time in the process.

A Pilot

It’s easy to be swept up with romantic ideas when you see planes dotted around in the sky. These machines are a wonder of technology, and it takes a lot of skill to be able to get one off the ground. Even the training for this sort of role is hard to get into, let alone actually finding a job, making it worth looking at alternatives which will provide many of the same benefits.

Finding a comparative analysis of top U.S. aviation courses can help you to get an idea of the other jobs which fill this field. There are far more engineers, air hosts, and other professionals out there than there are pilots.

How To Pursue Your Dreams - Even When They Feel ImpossibleAn Athlete

Playing football or other sports with friends is often the backdrop to many people’s childhoods. It’s easy to find yourself wrapped up in the idea of playing your favorite game professionally. There is quite a bit of room in this field – although only the very best are able to make it to the top. After training for many years, you will have a great background to teach others the sport you know and love.

Some people who love sports can find their place teaching athletics in schools, while others will want to run private classes. Any of these options are great if it enables you to work within the field you love.

A Musician

Art has long been one of the most essential parts of human society – with music being especially popular. Becoming a world famous rock or pop star isn’t something which most people will be able to achieve. Not only do you need to sound unique, but you also need quite a bit of luck.

If you love music, you can explore teaching music. You can also explore creating music which you market to movie studios, game developers, and a wide range of other businesses who are looking to hire people to make music for them. While you won’t get quite the same recognition as a solo act, you will still get to perform a very satisfying role.

How To Pursue Your Dreams - Even When They Feel ImpossibleA Brain Surgeon

Being a brain surgeon is a highly challenging gig – which requires many years of study. Plus you will have to come out of your schooling with very high marks to be trusted with actual patients. Those who make it in this work are often blessed with incredible minds.

An alternate pursuit: becoming a theater nurse for someone performing this role of brain surgeon.  Being a theater nurse might not pay quite the same, but it will give you the chance to make a difference to a lot of people.

In Summary

There are loads of different jobs available in the modern world – with a lot of people struggling to choose what they’d like to do. If you are persistent and passionate, you can pursue your dreams – or at least achieve a career doing something very close to the dream job you want.

Think happier. Think calmer.

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