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A Tool To Deal With People Who Disrespect You

You are a fine piece of china.  Don’t let anyone treat you like a paper plate.

If someone’s treating you with disrespect, you gotta get them out of your life.

If you’re experiencing a parade of people treating you with disrespect, you gotta get this familiar painful pattern out of your life!


Did deep into your psyche. Try to understand why you might feel comfortable around people who make you feel uncomfortable.

Perhaps as a child you learned that love comes with pain, insults, or disrespect. If so, then too much peace and support might inspire anxiety or doubt. 

Basically, the level of joy you grew up with can become the level of joy you seek.

You are a fine piece of china
For example:

If you grew up used to 25 percent happiness, 75 percent pain, that’s what you’ll seek. If this happiness concentration shifts—even if it’s upwards—you’ll feel twitchy, because this new higher level of joy will feel unfamiliar. As a result you might instinctively do something self-sabotaging, to shift your happiness concentration back down to your familiar lesser joy zone. Or, you might choose people from the start who bring you a familiar level of discomfort and pain.

Helpful Meditation: “I am not my past. I am not how others have at one time treated me. I am only who I think I am right now in this moment.”

(The above is an excerpt from my book “THINK HAPPY: instant peptalks to boost positivity” – now out from Random House.)

Think happier. Think calmer.

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