17 Calming Quotes To Inspire You To Let It Go And Move On

17 Calming Quotes To Remind You To Let It Go And Move OnHere are 17 calming quotes to inspire you to let it go and move on from the past.

You know my definition of true happiness?

  • Inner peace.

And my definition of true success is also…

  • Inner peace.

You know what I’d love you to feel right now?

  • Inner peace.

With this in mind, I personally created this collection of calming quotes. (I’m both a writer and designer!)

Below you’ll find a range of calming quotes about love, work, family, money, friendship, health and tough times in general.

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17 calming quotes to let it go and move on…

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1. Heal from what hurt you

7 Calming Quotes To Remind You To Let It Go And Move On

If you never heal from what hurt you, then you’ll bleed on people who did not cut you.

2. Follow your heart – not the crowd.

follow your heart saying

Don’t follow the crowd. Follow your heart. It’s time to stop trying to satisfy some check list of universal goals you need to meet. Just do what is authentically you.

3. Calming thoughts lead to better habits

7 Calming Quotes To Remind You To Let It Go And Move On

Changing your thoughts and habits is no easy feat. After all, you’ve repeated your go to thoughts and go to habits literally millions of times. But you can re-train yourself to create a new normal. Admittedly this takes an acceptance that there will be some effort involved. In the end, happiness and success in your life is dependent upon how much effort and struggle you’re willing to put in and face.

4. Stay calm and have patience.

calming saying karen salmansohn

I don’t know where it’s coming from. Or when it’s coming. But it is coming. Please have faith and patience. Trust the time gap. What you seek is making its way towards you now. – Karen Salmansohn

5. Don’t fight for a spot in someone’s life

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6. Part of good health: calming thoughts

quotes let it go Karen Salmansohn

How to be healthy: It’s not enough to eat veggies and do yoga. You also must work on healing the stress and anger in your life. – Karen Salmansohn

7. Keep calm and journal

quotes move on

When in doubt, journal it out. – Karen Salmansohn, bestselling author of Instant Happy Journal

8. Self love boosts calm

calming quotes karen salmansohn

Prove yourself to yourself – not others. – Karen Salmansohn

9. Being adaptable is calming

letting go quote

What screws us up most in live is the picture in our head of how it’s supposed to be. Let it go. -Karen Salmansohn

10. Try some calming self care

self care quote notsalmon.com design

Self care is how you take your power back. – Lalah Delia

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11. Singing inspires calm

funny calming quote

Never underestimate the healing power of singing in a car loudly to yourself. – Karen Salmansohn

12. Keep calm and have faith

faith saying karen salmansohn

Soon, when all is well, you’re gonna look back on this time in your life and be glad that you didn’t give up. – Karen Salmansohn

13. Stay calm while you rebuild

quote to let it go and move on

It is okay start over. And it’s okay to rebuild. It’s okay to be scared.

14. A calming mantra

starting over quote

Repeat after me: I am starting over, starting now! – Karen Salmansohn

15. It’s very calming to focus on joy


letting go quote

Stop trying to hold onto things that no longer exist. Relationships change. People change. Things change. You can wish with great fierceness that this wasn’t true. But it is. Stop focusing on people and things which simply create sadness. Aim yourself at what brings joy. – Karen Salmansohn

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16. Be happy now

Quote Remind You To Let It Go be happy now karen salmansohn

Stop waiting for things to happen in order to be happy. Do what you can to be happy now. – Karen Salmansohn

17. Self respects inspires calm

Calming Quote Move On karen salmansohn

Sometimes walking away is the only option. Not because you want to make someone miss you. And not because you want to make someone realize they took you for granted. But because you finally respect yourself enough to know that you deserve better.

Bonus Calming Quote

warrior letting it go quote

If you’re reading this, you’ve survived your life until this point. Heartbreak. Losses. Betrayals. Trauma. And here you are. You go fierce warrior. You are awesome. – Karen Salmansohn

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