How To Lose Weight With A Fun NLP Tool (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)

How To Lose Weight With A Fun NLP Tool

About 2 years after my son was born, I decided to lose the last of my “pregnancy weight.”

Or rather, my “I eat too much crappy food” weight.

After all, my son was 2 years old.

Pregnancy had nothing to do with my added poundage – and more to do with adding pizza and pretzel goldfish into my diet.

So I sat myself down for an honest conversation – writing to me via that “soul megaphone” called “a journal.”

What I discovered was: I consider myself a discerning person.

Professionally, I always super-care that each of my books and video courses were written and designed at their highest level.

Plus, personally I’m discerning about the clothes I wear – because I care about showing up at my best.

So…if I’m discerning about these many, many things – I should be discerning about the foods I allow to enter my mouth.

Pizza, bacon cheese burgers, and jellybeans are NOT the food choices of a discerning person.

After writing about this in my journal, I reawakened my identity as a discerning person.

I used this word “discerning” as my “mantra” to think about whenever I was tempted to eat crappy foods.

I then became more motivated to be pickier about my food choices.

After all, discerning people make discerning food choices!

Yep, simply by reminding myself that I embrace the value of discernment, I wound up eating more wisely – and slipping into my favorite skinny jeans!

I realized later that by “owning” the word “discerning” I was practicing a form of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming).

I then developed a range of other New Vocabulary Words to practice to inspire me to slim down and tone up – words like “backwards food” and “forwards food” and “appreci-eat” – which I explain more about in my video course on Masters In Life.

But that’s not the end of this story about the word “discerning.”

After I began to use the word “discerning” as a mantra, I started to be more discerning in many other areas – besides food.

Soon I found that I was being more discerning about my schedule (more careful about how I was spending my time – and who I was spending time with).

Plus, I started to be more discerning about how my home looked (tossing out old worn out furniture and old worn out clothes, re-organizing papers, books, shoes – and giving away Ari’s old toys). 

It’s really quite amazing the power Neuro-Linguistic Programming and mindful “word choice” has upon one’s life.

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