The definition of the word Blesson

The definition of the word Blesson Karen Salmansohnn

I came up with this word Blesson – and here’s its definiton.

A BLESSON is when you’re able to view a painful LESSON as a BLESSING.

In other words… a BLESSON is what happens when you see the BLESSING in the LESSON that your challenge taught you.

When you adopt the word blesson, you learn to transform negativity into positivity.

Remember: Even positive people think negatively at times.

They simply do what they can to STOP their negative thinking from following them around all day.

Instead, they shrink their negativity into nuggetivity… by embracing a Positive Mindset Philosophy.”

1. They feel what they need to feel – then re-focus on what they can control

2. Plus they look for positive actions steps + positive insights + positive gains in their pains.

Adopting this word BLESSON is one of my (many) Positive Mindset Philosophy Tools.

I’ve been using the word “blesson” since 2010.

With this in mind…

Here’s another image quote for you to share… also with the word blesson.

However, this image quote poster simply says “my favorite word” – instead of “new word” – because this word blesson is not so new for me any more!

blesson definition

Your assignment:

When things become hard… and you’re struggling……take a moment to adopt a “Positive Mindset Philosophy.”

You will soon feel like it’s easier to keep moving forward.

Need an extra nudge of motivation?

I got you!

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