An intro to someone who can help you in your career

I’d like to introduce you to someone who can help you in your career.


Many of you have written to me asking how you might gain better insight into discovering what “your purpose” in life might be.

Basically, you’ve written saying you “draw a big blank” when I suggest you “do your purpose in life” – and find a career (or a business sideline) which has meaning –  feels like a passion.

You explain you’re still not clear about what will make you happiest in your career.

So here is a list of some questions all about YOU.

These questions will help YOU to better understand YOU more – which will in turn help you to figure out what your purpose is.


1. How long does it take you to get a new kind of technology or technology upgrade? (How much of a pioneer are you?)

2. Look at your oldest address book. Who are you no longer friends with? Why?

3. What core values broke up various friendships? Who are you hanging out with more today than 10 years ago? Why?

4. What do you have to offer your friends that others don’t?

5. What do you have to offer in the business world that others don’t?

6. What do others have to offer in friendship and/or business that you don’t?

7. As a child, what were your thoughts on success and money?

8. What were your parents thoughts on success and money?

9. How do you differ from your parents in your money/business thoughts?

10. What was the first dollar you ever made for? What trait led to its earning?

11, What was the most amount of money you ever made for your talent? What trait led to its earning? Where were you (in mind, place, interrelationships) when you created this highest money earning project?

12, What was the work project you’ve been the proudest of? What unique trait of yours led to its creation? Where were you  (in mind, place, interrelationships) when you created this project of highest pride?

13. What is your highest ambition? Is it more money oriented or pride oriented?

14. Whom you admire? Why? What can you learn to do more of because of them?

15. Whom do you resent? Why? What can you learn to do less of because of them?

16. Who do you think is the happiest in their career? What can you learn from them?

17. Who do you think has the most balance in their career and personal life? What can you learn from them?

18. What was your first moment you knew clearly that you wanted to pursue the career you are presently in? What thought/incident/feeling led you to be attracted to your career? Do you still feel this way today — or has the career honeymoon waned? If so, why?

19. What is your best creative/productive time of day? Why?

20. What are your vulnerable negative triggers that you get spinning downward?

21. What self-talk do you say to yourself when you’re cocky? Do you comfy saying this to yourself more often?

22. Have you changed in any way since you took the job you’re now in? Are you married? A parent? Divorced? Fatter? Fitter? Did you go through any life-altering change?

23. What interests you now versus then?

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