What is a “Fabulous Life”? (An Easy Happiness Booster)

What is a "Fabulous Life"? (An Easy Happiness Booster)What is a “Fabulous Life?” Here’s an easy happiness booster you can start today!

Recently I was reading an article where someone described themselves as having “a fabulous life.”

A few thoughts quickly buzzed around in my head…

  • Wow. How unusual for someone to boldly describe their life so hyperbolically positive!
  • What the hell is “The Fabulous Life” anyway?

I write a lot about living your “best” life.

Or creating your most “optimum” career.

Is there a difference between “best” and “optimum”…versus… “fabulous”?

Is the word “fabulous” merely a superficial word…or does it have substance?

What is a "Fabulous Life"? (An Easy Happiness Booster)I think the word “fabulous” can connote something meaningful… not merely glittery …if it’s interpreted as taking the time to enjoy the fun in your life.

Sometimes we get so caught up in living the best life we ironically don’t take the time to wake up and smell the Frappucinos.

Indeed, someone recently shared how his accountant asked him to cut out all his Frapuccino’s — to save cash.

But for him, these Frappucinos were a fun indulgence which made him feel…well, fabulous.

Plus whenever he brought his wife a Frapuccino, she’d call him her hero.

And there weren’t many times in his life he could get his wife to call him a hero.

What is a "Fabulous Life"? (An Easy Happiness Booster)In your striving to be the “best” and living “most optimumly” … are you losing some of the fabulousness in your life – all the fun, playful, sexy, sensual, glamourous, quirky, surprising, zest-filled, exciting stuff?

In the same way that it’s often said that the good” is the enemy of “the great”…. are the best” and the optimum” the enemy of “the fabulous”?

Each of us have our own specific “Frappucino’s” which make us — and the people we love — feel fabulous.

Are you taking the time to smell whatever your specific Frappucino’s are?


Think happier. Think calmer.

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