Common Ailments Older Men May Need to Address

Common Ailments Older Men May Need to AddressEveryone will experience changes in their body and health as they age. But which issues you are more likely to experience can depend on your sex. Older men need to be particularly aware of certain common ailments and health problems that are likely to affect them.

There’s no guarantee that anyone will be affected by all of these problems, but there are several health issues that are very common in older men.

I’m sharing about these common ailments older men often get because I am bestselling wellness author.

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4 Common Ailments Older Men May Get

Whether you’re a man getting older yourself or want to help someone else in your life take care of himself as he ages, these are some of the common ailments and issues you should be aware of.

1. Heart Disease and High Blood Pressure

Changes to the cardiovascular system occur with age, and many men can find themselves dealing with problems such as heart disease and high blood pressure. Heart disease is a common cause of death for men, affecting them more than any other disease. Men who have a family history of heart disease are more likely to experience it but there are other risk factors too. If you are or were a smoker, have an unhealthy diet, don’t exercise much or experience a lot of stress, it can increase your risk. A healthy lifestyle can help men prevent heart disease.

2. Bladder Health Problems

Issues relating to the bladder are common in older men. Bladder cancer is one of the most common in men, especially if they are over 50. People who smoke have a higher risk of developing bladder cancer, as do people who work with certain chemicals. Symptoms can include painful urination, blood in the urine, and the frequent urge to urinate. Incontinence can also be a problem for older men. Although it can be embarrassing, there are many ways to address it and manage it. It can even be cured in some cases, depending on the cure.

3. Enlarged Prostate

As men get older, they need to be more aware of the potential health issues that can affect their prostate. In addition to prostate cancer, many men can experience benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) or issues such as infections or inflammation. A blood test called the PSA test can be used to check for cancer and other problems. There are also various treatments to address problems such as BPH, including PAE (prostate artery embolization) treatment. The most important thing is to get regular checkups and be aware of symptoms such as pain and difficulty urinating.

4. Changes in Sexual Function

Changes in sexual function are another issue that many older men experience. The likelihood of experiencing impotence or erectile dysfunction increases with age and can have a range of causes. It may be affected by diabetes, kidney disease, alcoholism and anything else that might interfere with blood flow to the penis. It’s important to address potential underlying causes so that the right treatment can be found.

Increased health problems are a reality as you get older, but you can be ready for them by being aware of which issues might affect you in your later years.

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