Winning kitchen color schemes to build a room that stands out

Winning kitchen color schemes build a room that stands outDesigning a kitchen implies picking a color scheme, but deciding which one is right could prove quite challenging. 

Should you pick your favorite colors? Should you get the most affordable paint at the local hardware store? 

You might think it is just paint, and you could save a couple of bucks when remodelling the kitchen, as it’s a pretty expensive project. 

Well, you shouldn’t minimize paint’s importance because it plays a vital role in the room’s overall aesthetic. According to interior designers, the color scheme has a significant impact, as it influences the sense of depth and space you get when you enter the room, your mood, and even your appetite. 

I’m writing this article because I’m an award winning designer of books and videos. So I also appreciate great kitchen designs.

With this in mind, I did a lot of research about kitchen color schemes. This article will explain everything to you so you can pick a colour palette that matches the interior design of your house and reflects your personality. 

The color scheme impacts your perception of depth and space

Suppose you have to work with a small space. It’s essential to use colors to trick the brain that the space is larger than it actually is. It’s no secret that a dark hue could make a room feel smaller than it actually is because it gives the impression of a closed-off space. On the other hand, lighter shades could make your kitchen seem larger. In fact, painting a room in brighter color schemes has always been a trick interior designers used to give the impression of space. 

Few people know that you can use contrasting colors to achieve the same effect. Therefore, if you want to play with kitchen color schemes, make sure the hues of the floor, cabinets, and counter match the shade of the walls. This way, you’ll make the kitchen look larger and more inviting. 

Color combinations that might inspire you

Green and Gold

kitchenGreen is a popular choice for kitchens among homeowners because it grounds a room, especially when used for bigger areas like on the walls or cabinets.

If you have a small room, you can brighten it by adding white surfaces and metallic gold touches.

You can play with the hues of the stone and tile and opt for metallic hues for the faucets and light fixtures.

Shiny surfaces like the white countertops surfaces and the golden accessories will reflect light and add a touch of luxury to your cooking room. 

Light and Dark Blue

This is a timeless colour scheme for a kitchen, and you can easily obtain it. You can use the lighter blue to create a background for the room. Consider painting the largest elements like the walls, backsplash, and cabinets in sky blue, and introduce deep blue tones through accessories like window treatments, dishware, or seating. You can also go a step further; suppose you have a big kitchen and use dark blue for cabinets. In case you don’t want to replace the cabinets because they are in good shape, you can change only the kitchen doors to ones painted in royal blue.          

However, before painting your entire kitchen in blue, make sure you use shades that have similar undertones. 

Green and Dark Grey

This is another colour palette that promotes the use of bright hues. While the stormy dark grey can serve as a marvellous foundation, lime green could be used only to draw attention towards particular areas. For this colour palette, it’s best to apply grey on permanent areas like the walls, kitchen island, and cabinets and save the rich green for artwork, rugs, stools, and other elements. The green is ideal for a dark canvas because grey kitchens could feel a little gloomy. Suppose you want a brighter room; you could also use white for some surfaces because it will balance the combinations. 

Blue and Orange

This is a colour combination you might find captivating if you love colours and bold combinations. This energetic kitchen scheme will immediately attract attention and make the space look inviting. It’s the ideal choice for a space meant for entertainment purposes. Blue and orange are on opposite sides of the colour wheel, colliding and making a bold statement. You can tone down the colour scheme with some white, which will liven up the space. 

Grey and Purple

kitchen gray purpleSome homeowners might find purple a too bold choice for kitchens, and the truth is that the effect can be striking. However, the effect is outstanding when toned down with the right shade of grey. The pair of grey and purple is far from intimidating and can offer the impression of relaxation in cooking spaces.

Over the last few years, kitchens have evolved from functional spaces to entertainment hubs, and a combination of charcoal grey and rich purple will promote the idea of cosiness and socialisation. 

You can use the grey to create a base for the kitchen design and sprinkle some purple through accents. It doesn’t have to overwhelm the place; you can exploit its rich elegance through accessories, decorations, and small furnishings. 

Black and White

Black and white has always been a timeless combination for interior spaces that are designed following minimalism lines. When mixed properly, these two non-colours can help you create a balanced colour scheme for the kitchen. Use white to build the room’s foundation and accessorise it with black elements. You can incorporate black appliances in the furniture or add a black and white backsplash. These two hues allow you to play with the elements without exposing yourself to the risk of achieving an overwhelming place. 

Brown and Mint Green

kitchen mint brownIf you love rustic colour palettes, adding some mint green accents will help you create a vibrant cooking space. The beauty of this colour scheme is that you can combine several shades of natural brown and mix textures.

Wood grains make the space look inviting and warm, and the green balances them and creates points of attention. You can expose the ceiling beams to create a rough look and match the upper part of the room with the floor.

Another way to use brown wood is to install a kitchen island with natural accents and pair it with mint wall paint or backsplash. 

Wrapping it up: Kitchen Color Schemes

What do you think of the above kitchen color schemes? Did any of them capture your attention?

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