How to Do a Car Title Search in Illinois?

How to Do a Car Title Search in IllinoisMy friend Cindy just moved to Illinois from New York City! Recently she told me about how to do a car title search.

I love to help people to live their best lives. So I thought I’d share some of what she told me to help reduce the stress of doing a car title search.

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So, read on to learn about the simplest and best way to do car title search in Illinois.

What Is a Car Title Search?

A car title search is used to describe researching a vehicle’s title. The purpose of this procedure is to determine the legal ownership of a vehicle and its history. It is typically conducted when a car is bought or sold, or someone is looking to purchase an auto insurance policy.

A car title search can reveal important information such as the vehicle’s make, model, year, and VIN, its previous owners, and any liens or encumbrances that may be attached to it. You can perform an Illinois title search with the help of different online resources, including government websites or VIN-checking platforms.

What to Do on the Website?

To do an Illinois title search, you’ll need to visit the Illinois Secretary of State website. From there, you’ll need to select ‘Vehicle Services’ and then ‘Title/Registration.’ Once you’ve done this, you’ll need to select ‘Request a Title.’ You’ll be asked to enter the vehicle’s VIN or Vehicle Identification Number on the next page. You can find this on the vehicle’s title, registration, or insurance card.

Once you’ve entered the VIN, you’ll be able to view the title information. This includes the vehicle type, title status, lien information, and odometer reading. You may also be able to view the car’s previous owners. If the vehicle has a lien, you’ll need to contact the lien holder to obtain the title. If the vehicle has no lien, you can request a duplicate title from the Secretary of State.

Know the Rule

It’s important to note that a car title search in Illinois is only valid for the current title holder. If you’re purchasing a vehicle from an owner who has recently sold it, requesting a new search is essential. This will ensure that you’re the rightful owner of the vehicle.


By performing a car title search in Illinois, you’ll be able to verify that the vehicle is registered correctly and that you are the rightful owner. It’s an essential step in the car purchasing process that you should notice.

Resources to Help with a Car Title Search in Illinois

The following resources will also be useful for obtaining crucial data about your car.

Illinois Department of Transportation

The Illinois Department of Transportation website provides information on vehicle registration and title transfer. It also offers a form to request a title search.

Illinois Vehicle Services Department

The Illinois Vehicle Services Department is the official source for information on titles and registration. It offers access to forms, instructions, and other resources to help with a car title search in Illinois.

Local DMV Office

Each county in Illinois has a local Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) office that can assist with a car title search. The office can provide forms and guidance on how to complete the process. If you need to schedule a DMV appointment, you can do so online or by calling your local office.

Online Title Search Services

Several online services can assist with a car title search in Illinois. These services can provide access to online databases, forms, and other resources to perform the procedure and provide comprehensive information.

What Should I Look for in a Car Title Search?

When conducting a car title search, you should look for basic information about the car, such as the make and model, year, current owner’s name, and vehicle identification number (VIN). You should also ensure that the title is valid and that no liens or encumbrances are attached. Additionally, check to see if the title is free from any salvage or rebuilt restrictions.

Why Is a Car Title Search in Illinois Important?

A car title search in Illinois is crucial because it allows buyers and sellers to confirm their ownership and verify that the vehicle is free of liens or encumbrances. It also provides buyers with important information, such as the vehicle’s make, model, year, and VIN, as well as its odometer reading. Additionally, this procedure can help detect possible fraud or misrepresentation on the seller’s part.

What Documents Are Required for an Illinois Car Title Search?

To search for a car title in Illinois, you will need to provide the following:

  • The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
  • The vehicle make and model
  • The year of manufacture
  • The current owner’s name and address
  • A copy of the registration and proof of ownership
  • A valid form of customer identification, such as a Driver’s License or State ID.

Advantages of Performing a Car Title Search

Car title search in Illinois is integral to the car buying process. It can help to protect buyers from purchasing a car with hidden damage or liens. The search can also help to verify the accuracy of the information provided on a vehicle’s title document. Searching for such information about the car can also help to protect the buyer from any potential issues related to vehicle fraud. Additionally, the search can give the buyer a better understanding of the vehicle’s history, making it easier to assess its worth. Finally, it can provide peace of mind to the buyer, helping them ensure that they are purchasing a quality vehicle.


A car title search in Illinois is relatively straightforward, especially if you have the vehicle identification number. You can use the VIN to search the state’s online database or contact the Illinois Secretary of State office to have them provide the necessary paperwork. It is essential to know that such important vehicle documents are only sometimes available online, so you might not find the information about your car.

In this case, you may need to contact a local title company or the DMV to obtain the necessary paperwork. Finally, make sure to keep your records up to date to ensure that you remain compliant with the laws in Illinois.

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