Ottawa Wedding Venue Prices: Factors to Consider

Ottawa Wedding Venue Prices: Factors to ConsiderChoosing your wedding venue in Ottawa begins with discussing venue prices and budget with your future spouse. In addition, your search can lead to a lot of stress when planning the event as well.

Listed below are 4 potential factors that could have an impact on the cost of your wedding venue and make the planning process more stressful. It is important that you keep them in mind at all times! And I’m here to help you to do just that!

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Keep these tips in mind and you will have a cost efficient wedding of your dreams!

1. Where will you tie the knot?

You can expect your wedding budget to be heavily influenced by the location of the event. If the venue is located in an area that is well known, then the rate will generally be higher than if it were located outside Ottawa but in a less popular area.

In addition, each wedding venue has its own set of policies and packages that it offers.

Depending on the venue, you might have to work with the venue’s contracted suppliers in order to be able to book it, which may not be within your budget. There are also many wedding locations that have minimum food & beverage specifications, which may be more than the number of guests you are expecting. Make sure to do your research on different wedding venues in Ottawa before making any decisions!

The costs of getting married in different places and venues can vary considerably. So you should do a little research before you decide where to get married. Be aware that there might be travel costs involved in travelling to your loved ones. Athey may need accommodation or transportation during their stay.

2. How many guests will be there?

There is no doubt that guest number is one of the parts that is very prone to getting out of hand very easily as a result of the rate of change. You should consider who you invite very carefully since the majority of your finances will be consumed by the guests you invite. We would advise you to give it a second thought before inviting your uncle’s best friend’s nephew to your special day! 

With your future spouse, you should decide what’s the number of attendees you’d like to invite, and you should stick to this number. When creating your invitation list, it is important to keep in mind the cost per person in mind so that you can plan accordingly. If you are planning on a cocktail hour and a seated, formal dinner at your event, you can easily expect to spend at least $110 per person on food and drink.

3. When will you get married?

When you are calculating the costs for a wedding, it is important to keep in mind the wedding season. Is it your dream to get married on a Saturday evening in the early fall? It’s probably going to be much costlier for you to get married than you thought it would be. 

Make sure you consider your wedding budget and its compatibility with the location and venue you are considering, as well as whether you are able to host your wedding at another day or a different time of the year in order to save money. It may also be possible for vendors to give you special offers during days and seasons when demand is low

There are generally three months in Vancouver that are the most expensive for weddings: May, September, and October. Keep these months in mind when choosing your wedding date!

4. What will your choices of food and drinks be?

Looking forward to some cocktails, a four-course sit-down dinner, and a dessert bar which would last until the early morning hours? It would be a good idea to bring your checkbook along as well! 

There are several fixed wedding costs related to food and beverage.

For example: Staffing costs, linen costs, and china costs.

But passing a buffet of appetizers can also be almost as satisfying as eating multiple courses. It also costs a fraction of what a complete meal does. The ceremony can be planned early in the morning. Or you can schedule it later in the afternoon so that guests will be less likely to come hungry. If you choose the latter, they will not expect a large meal at the end of the ceremony. 

The best way to stay within the limits of your wedding budget is to make sure your finances are in order before you start planning. When you hire a wedding planner, you can find better prices for your vendors and more affordable options. The planner can also keep your finances on track as you plan your wedding.

Quick Recap

Now that you know the four factors that will affect the cost of your wedding venue, keep them in mind when shopping for Vancouver wedding venues. Wishing you luck on your search!

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