4 Tips To Embrace Slow Traveling As A Mindfulness Practice

Tips To Embrace Slow Traveling As A Mindfulness Practice

When it comes to slow traveling, the journey is as important as the destination. This traveling approach has become quite popular because it’s less stressful and it focuses on your mental well-being as you take in the sights of a location.

Slow traveling is believed to help travelers fully relax, connect with locals, immerse in culture, and see places as opposed to traveling in a rush, which can be very exhausting.

I’ve written this article not only because I’m always looking for great vacation ideas. I’m also a Master Mindset Coach, and a bestselling wellness author with about 2 million books sold globally.

With this in mind, here are a few tips to embrace slow travel as a fun mindfulness practice.

For long-distance domestic trips like Florida to New York, taking the slower route by riding an Orlando to NYC train instead of flying on a plane can be considered mindful travel.

If you’re planning to slow travel soon, follow the tips below and fully embrace your journey. You’ll feel more laid-back and have amazing memories as you focus on being present. Don’t forget to bring a phone or camera to capture the moments!

1. Travel Via Train Or Ship

Traveling sustainably is one of the critical factors of slow travel. Choosing alternative modes of transport to planes like trains and ships can be stimulating. You can take your time as you marvel at the scenery passing you by. Trains may also offer more space, so you will have more room to stretch your legs and move around especially if you’re traveling with kids. In addition, most trains offer meal services, either in buffet style or food to be delivered to your cabin. They’ve got things covered to make you as comfortable as possible during your trip.

If you decide to travel via a cruise ship, your journey may take days or weeks, depending on your destination. But it can give you more time to relax and participate in any fun social activities prepared by the host. You can make friends with people heading to the same destination, establish new connections, learn different cultures, and appreciate the great scenery in your journey.

2. Consider Visiting The Countryside

The hustle and bustle of the city is anything but slow. To fully embrace slow traveling, pick a destination that will unite you with nature. The countryside will give you a break from the noise, traffic, pollution, and crowds of the city. You’ll get an opportunity to focus on yourself and be mindful of the here and now, and what matters most—you and your loved ones. The pressures and worries of life will have no room in your mind as you slow travel.

However, if your preferred destination is a city, you can include visiting botanical gardens, parks, and urban wildlife zoos in your itinerary to somehow escape the busy city atmosphere.

3. Engage In Community-Based Tourism

During your slow travels, you may discover various communities. Instead of merely passing by, try to learn something about each community and support them. It might be a bit challenging, but you might discover new interests and wonderful experiences you’ve never known or seen before that turn out to be inspiring, filling your happiness tank.

You’ll find it refreshing to slow down, live a simple life, and be grateful for the small things as you open yourself to cultural immersion. To mindfully travel like a local, taste their signature dishes, visit heritage sites, interact with the community and stay inquisitive, and try to look at life from their perspective.

4. Minimize Waste During Your Travel

Being mindful is knowing how your actions and words affect others and the planet. So, ensure you properly dispose of all your waste during your travels. Take note of all the waste baskets and any recycling stations you can use. If your slow trip takes weeks, you will likely collect a sizable amount of waste, especially if you have company while traveling.

Discover the waste policies and bring biodegradable trash bags with you. Doing this ensures that your waste won’t adversely impact others and your surroundings. 


By following the tips above, you’ll be able to fully embrace slow traveling as a mindfulness practice and press pause on the hustle and bustle of your daily life. You can choose to travel via a ship, train, or any other mode of transportation that takes time to reach the destination. Whichever you choose, ensure interact with nature, get to know the communities you’ll come across with, immerse yourself in their culture and lifestyle, and travel responsibly by properly disposing of your trash.

If you want to seize the opportunity to make new connections on your journey, you can also initiate meaningful conversations with your fellow travelers and participate in any social events. Slow traveling is getting more popular among travelers and will keep growing because it helps improve one’s well-being and release the stress and tension affecting the mind and body.

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