10 Tips To Keep Your Employees Motivated And Engaged

10 Tips To Keep Your Employees Motivated And Engaged

If you want your business to succeed, then you will want to explore these tips to keep your employees motivated and engaged and working at their highest potential.

It’s a no-brainer that motivated employees are more dedicated to their jobs than disengaged employees today. When the workforce’s engaged at work, their productivity rises.

Plus less people quit so you don’t need to keep hiring more staff.

Basically, when people are more productive, the organization becomes more profitable.

That’s why business managers cannot disregard employees’ engagement levels, otherwise, they would threaten the company’s stability.

So, are your employees motivated enough?

Let’s review statistics to evaluate how dedicated average workers are right now:

  • In 2016, We Forum revealed that around 70% of workers were disengaged at work.
  • In 2020, PR News Wire reported that one-third of workers were less motivated due to COVID.
  • In 2022, Team Stage discovered that merely 15% of workers across the globe are feeling engaged.

Research indicates that motivated employees are 87% less likely to leave the company. All these reasons seem enough to convince business leaders that dedicated workers ensure a company’s profitability.

So, it’s important you keep your workforce engaged at work. Wondering how? I’m here to help!

As you might know, I am a bestselling personal development author with about 2 million books sold globally.

Plus I’m well known for HR and executive recommended Peak Performance Coaching Program.

I love sharing insights and strategies to empower people to be more successful. So I pulled together this helpful article on motivating employees.

So, how can you keep your people motivated?

Coming up I will be sharing some proven suggestions to maintain your workforce’s enthusiasm. Carefully read these tactics and implement them in your organization.

10 Tips To Keep Your Employees Motivated And Engaged

Here’s how managers can keep everyone motivated.

1. Organize team activities

communication straightforward lack of drama quoteOrganize team-based activities such as celebrations and get-togethers (Christmas party, anyone?) to boost everyone’s morale.

Many companies hold holiday events to bolster teamwork and collaboration among colleagues.

Holding these fun events can enable workers to bond and become more motivated to stay at the company.

As holiday parties make a comeback, it’s time for your organization to invest in team-based events too.

2. Provide work flexibility

Creating a work-life balance for your employees can enhance their engagement at work. For this reason, we suggest business managers offer some work flexibility.

Flexibility can make employees more productive. Many employees today aren’t willing to return to offices because they like working from home. A hybrid working structure can also bolster your workforce’s motivation to stick with you and be more productive.

3. Offer training courses

learn upgrade salmansohn quoteContinued education enhances an employee’s efficiency as workers leverage these courses to know what’s new in the industry. Distance learning courses today can also enhance your workforce’s know-how and make your subordinates more informed about the duties they’re supposed to handle.

Continued education and DEI training enhance an employee’s efficiency as workers leverage these courses to know what’s new in the industry. Distance learning courses today can also enhance your workforce’s know-how and make your subordinates more informed about the duties they’re supposed to handle.

Every vocation requires employees to continue learning to thrive in their profession. Online learning has just made the pursuit of learning convenient for everyone and cost-effective for managers. 

For example, here’s a course with online marketing techniques. And here’s a course about reducing anxiety.  Plus here’s a course about managing toxic colleagues and bosses.

4. Practice transparency properly

Organizations are now focusing on opening up, adopting honesty, and practicing transparency. It’s been observed that companies hiding important information from employees don’t perform well. It happens simply because workers cannot feel motivated when they don’t know the bigger picture.

Practicing transparency will create a culture of openness and collaboration in the workplace. Hence, you shouldn’t hide your business progress from your employees. Also, learn to confide in them.

5. Appreciate their efforts

quote appreciate good people they're hard to come byRecognize a worker’s diligence, acknowledge an employer’s dedication, and appreciate the efforts of the workforce to keep everyone motivated. Surveys show that almost 80% of workers become more productive after getting recognized by the manager.

That’s why companies today have awards such as “Employee of the Month,” offer monetary incentives, and provide additional motivation through a free employee reward program from The Work Perk to encourage workers to excel and work harder.

Praising a person’s hard work naturally incites that person to become more productive in the office.

6. Personalize employee motivators

All employees are different, and the things that motivate them vary from person to person. Hence, you should find what motivates an individual and provide that person with personalized encouragement. For instance, some employees are motivated by public praise, but others prefer a silent “thank you” from the manager. To offer tailored praise, you need to understand your workers. Learn their goals, know what they’re passionate about, and use this info to enhance their motivation. You can also express your appreciation in the form of a business thank you card.

7. Trust your subordinates

successful artist career tipsEmployees don’t feel motivated when they find themselves not worthy of the manager’s trust. Your trust in them makes them willing to work more with commitment and enthusiasm. Your trust can be expressed by delegation; delegate tasks to your subordinates to show how much you trust them and acknowledge their competence.

Coach them if they make mistakes and offer mentorship to bolster their expertise. That’s how your employees will be incentivized to stay dedicated at work.

8. Schedule one-on-one meeting

Effective communication distinguishes you from horrible bosses. Communication deficiencies lessen a worker’s motivation to perform because there’s no guidance about the worker’s goals.

However, a regular face-to-face meeting can encourage your employees to participate in discussions as well as learn more about the challenges facing the company. Workers can remain well-informed too about the company’s priorities. Just keep these meetings concise, succinct, and consistent.

9. Collect employee feedback

Communication isn’t just about sharing your ideas with everyone. It also involves active listening.

A manager should listen to what employees have to say and collect feedback from them.

A survey also shows that employees are 4.6 times more empowered to perform better when they feel heard. You can enhance your company’s employee retention by learning how they feel. Collect their thoughts and complaints and even allow employees to anonymously express their ideas.

10. Provide psychological safety

Managers shouldn’t make employees feel like walking on eggshells. If your teammates freak out every time they make a mistake, you haven’t created a motivating environment in the workplace.

So you should prioritize your employees mental, emotional and physical health. You can do this by offering an occupational health service.

Plus you should recognize that employees don’t feel engaged when belittled or punished by a manager for expressing their opinions. Provide your employees with psychological protection by letting everyone share their ideas without being threatened by the fear of judgment. This protection motivates workers to be productive.

Conclusion: Keeping Employees Motivated & Engaged

I’ve discussed a range of methods to keep a workforce motivated in this article. Here’s a quick recap.

  • Business managers should communicate effectively with employees by holding one-on-one meetings.
  • Appreciate their endeavors and reward their diligence.
  • Personalize every employee’s motivators to obtain better outcomes. 
  • Collect employee feedback to understand how they feel.
  • Don’t make them feel like walking on eggshells.
  • Offer psychological safety and learn to forgive mistakes.
  • Invest in their learning to earn their loyalty.
  • Trust the people who work for you and provide them work-life balance.
  • Organize team events such as a holiday for the entire office. An office party can help managers boost everyone’s morale.

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