7 Homemade Gifts to Create … Even if You’re Not Very Crafty

7 Homemade Gifts to Create ... Even if You're Not Very Crafty

Want to relax and feel happy and make people you love happy? Here are 7 homemade gifts to create … even if you’re not very crafty.

Few gifts mean more than those you make yourself. But for people who aren’t into arts and crafts, it can feel like a homemade present is out of the question.

The reality is that you can actually get creative with bespoke gifts regardless of your crafting skills, so let’s discuss a few options to consider if you want to make something meaningful for a friend or family member.

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7 Homemade Gifts to Create – Even If You’re Not Craft

1. Upcycled furniture

You don’t need to build an amazing gift from scratch when you could instead overhaul an existing item to transform it for that special someone.

You might need to strip off paint and remove stains, but once you’ve done that you can give second hand furniture new life, either by sanding it back to the bare material, or repainting it in a color that you know they’ll love.

2. Homemade pickles

Giving the gift of food is always a joy, and if it’s something you’ve made with your own two hands then it’s even better.

A jar of pickled vegetables is a good alternative to the usual sweet treats that might be expected, mostly because it’s very easy to do at home. Plus with an almost indefinite shelf life, it’ll be a gift that can be enjoyed over a long period.

3. Houseplants you’ve grown from seed

There are lots of low-maintenance indoor plants which make great gifts, and rather than buying them ready-grown, you could plan in advance and pot up a seed in preparation to give it to someone in a few weeks or months. If you’ve got houseplants yourself, taking a cutting can speed things up as well!

4. Photo calendars using photos you’ve taken

Handing over a tailor-made photo calendar is a great way to give a gift that’s bespoke, and also to celebrate your relationship with the recipient.

It’s simply a case of choosing the pictures you want to include, then using one of the many excellent online printing services to get it made up. In this instance, the homemade aspect applies to the snaps, but if you want to have more of a hand in the manufacturing, you could get images printed out individually and stick these into a scrapbook.

5. Scented candles

While store bought scented candles are all the rage, there’s also a growing movement for creating them at home, and you can buy a kit to help you out from many reputable retailers.

The right scented candle making kit will not only let you choose the scent combination, but also the color of the finished product. You can add a touch of rustic charm by tying a piece of string around the jar containing the candle, or even creating your own label if you’re feeling inspired.

6. Flavored gin

Gin is a spirit which really takes on flavor infusions well, so if you’re looking for a gift for someone who’s a fan of fruity cocktails, you’ve found it!

As with pickle, there are lots of flavored gin recipes out there, most of which involve steeping fruits like plums, strawberries or sloes in the spirit for a month or so, before sieving them out and bottling up the freshly infused liquid.

7. Herbal tea

For people who aren’t into liquor, a custom mixed herbal tea infusion will be more suitable as a gift. And this is even quicker and easier.

Grab a clean, empty jar, buy some loose tea varieties from your nearest stockist, and experiment with a few blends until you find one that works. Then you’ve got an almost instant gift that you’ve customized completely.

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