3 Traits Narcissists Look for in Their Victims

Traits Narcissists Look for in Their VictimsCheck out these 3 traits narcissists look for in their victims and targets so you can better avoid their emotional abuse.

Do you have a toxic person in your life – who you suspect is a narcissist?

Usually, a narcissist starts off charming and charismatic. They make you feel like the most loved and important person in the world. But eventually all that excitement and devotion winds up dissolving into drama, upset and stress.

Narcissists can be incredibly manipulative and controlling. They’re quick to find ways to put you down so as to lift themselves up.

As a result, being in a relationship with a narcissist can be a wildly challenging experience. And it can be tough to break free from the toxic cycle of emotional abuse.

If you can relate to the above, chances are you’re involved with a narcissist.

You might be wondering… how did this narcissist sneak into your life?

Plus you might also want to know how you might set boundaries and heal from them?

Coming up I will be sharing 3 traits that narcissists seek in their targets… so you can be better aware and more protected. Plus I’ll share some thoughts on protecting yourself from them in the future.

I’m sharing this article because I am a bestselling personal development author – with over 2 million books sold.

I’ve spent 2 decades researching how to manage & disarm narcissists – interviewing experts – reading piles of research – gathered from Trauma Recovery, Childhood Programming, Positive Psychology, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, NLP, Boundary Mastery, The Art of Conflict Communication, etc…

This topic of ” narcissists” is highly important to me because I myself have unfortunately had my heart broken by a narcissistic love partner. I wrote about this heartbreak in my Oprah recommended book “Prince Harming Syndrome” and online course Broken Heart Recovery.

Plus I’ve also been hurt by a few narcissists in non-romantic relationships – which I share about in my therapist recommended course Manage & Avoid Drama Llamas.

So coming up I’ll be sharing the 3 top traits that narcissists look for in their victims.

3 Traits Narcissists Look For In Their Victims and Targets

1. Weak Boundaries

narcissist quoteNarcissists love to find people who have weak boundaries – so they can get away with their lying and manipulating.

In particular, narcissists love to find people who won’t question them – who will simply accept whatever they say.

So if you’re afraid to speak up & set boundaries – watch out. Narcissists LOVE that!

2. Extra Loving Hearts

Narcissists love to find people with kind, caring hearts – who are quick to forgive and empathize – so they can manipulate them into letting things go.

Plus, people with loving hearts tend to put others up on a pedestal. And narcissists love to be told how great they are – how everyone else is the problem – not them.

So if this sounds like you, look out! Narcissists LOVE that!

3. History of Abuse

Unfortunately, many people with “traumatic childhoods” are more vulnerable to allowing drama & chaos into their adult lives.

Plus unfortunately, a narcissist somehow has the uncanny ability to “sniff out” people with trauma/abuse in their background.

So if this sounds like you, look out! Narcissists LOVE that!

How Can You Protect Yourself From Narcissists?

In my research I learned that if you want to protect yourself from narcissists you need to work on better understanding and healing those 3 traits listed above – so they don’t remain vulnerabilities.

If you want to work on healing these traits – as well managing, avoiding and healing from narcissists – I offer a range of trainings …just click this link.

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