What is the Grey Rock Method? How to Use With Toxic People

the grey rock methodLearn the background on The Grey Rock Method Technique  – what it is – and how it helps to manage narcissists and toxic people.

Have you heard about the Grey Rock Method Technique  – and wondering what it is? Curious how using this Grey Rock Tool can help you to manage toxic people like narcissists, gaslighters and manipulators?

I’m here to help explain everything you need to know about The Grey Rock Method – and why I love this psychological tool so much.

I’m sharing this article because I am a bestselling personal development author – with over 2 million books sold.

I’ve spent 2 decades researching how to manage & disarm narcissists – interviewing experts – reading piles of research – gathered from Trauma Recovery, Childhood Programming, Positive Psychology, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, NLP, Boundary Mastery, The Art of Conflict Communication, etc…

This topic of “narcissists” is highly important to me because I myself have unfortunately had my heart broken by a narcissistic love partner. I wrote about this heartbreak in my Oprah recommended book “Prince Harming Syndrome” and online course Broken Heart Recovery.

Plus I’ve also been hurt by a few narcissists in non-romantic relationships – which I share about in my therapist recommended course Manage & Avoid Drama Llamas.

I’ve spent the past few decades studying the psychology of narcissists, codependency, childhood programming, conflict resolution skills and resiliency techniques.

Plus I’ve personally coached many thousands of people who were stuck in a toxic relationship dynamic.

If you’re committed to choosing peace over drama… you will appreciate learning about “The Gray Rock Method.” Read on to learn how it’s an effective technique to master the art of challenging conversations with difficult people.

What Is The Gray Rock Method?

The Cliff Notes: It’s when you try to become as boring and unresponsive as a grey rock.

Here’s how to use The Grey Rock Method…

  • silence cannot be misquoteddo your best to stick to small talk whenever you’re around this person
  • discuss the weather, meals you’ve enjoyed… lots of simple things
  • avoid sharing anything too personal, interesting or exciting
  • keep your answers short & noncommittal
  • don’t share any information or responses that they can use against you later
  • remain emotionally disengaged from any conflict or drama they might try to stir up
  • if they do something inflammatory repeat this mantra: “I am a gray rock, I am a gray rock, I am a gray rock.”

Why Does The Grey Rock Method Work With Narcissists and Other Toxic People?

  • You aren’t giving this person the attention or reactions that they feel energized by – and seek.
  • As a result they will get sooooo bored being around you…they will become less interested in being around you.

Try it today! This tool works!

Remember: The more you protect yourself from difficult people… the more peaceful life becomes.

How Can You Further Protect Yourself From Narcissists?

In my research I learned that if you want to protect yourself from narcissists you need to work on better understanding and healing your wounds from your past and your limiting beliefs that keep you stuck. I offer a range of trainings …just click this link.


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