What Kind of Clothes Are Best For Newborns?

What Kind of Clothes Are Best For Newborns?Many new parents worry about what kind of clothes are best dress to their newborns in so they can be comfortable and fashionable. Babies grow out of clothes faster than you can shop. And it’s crucial that you get a variety of clothes and sizes for them prior to birth.

Shopping for a newborn can be overwhelming. A common mistake that new parents make is spending too much money on cute stuff and missing out on the necessary items. That, or they tend to get too many clothes in the same size which the kid grows out of in days. The Trendy Toddlers online boutique for toddler clothing is among the greatest options, because it has a wide range of stylish pieces in different styles and sizes for your little ones.

If you don’t know what kind of clothes to get a newborn, don’t worry, I’ve got you covered.

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With this in mind, this article is the perfect guide to buying the best clothes for your newborn.

What Size of Clothes Should I Get A Newborn Baby?

As mentioned before, newborns grow fast, and the tons of clothes you get for them are soon wasted. One of the tips that you should remember is not to get too many clothes in the same size. Instead, get two to three sizes bigger than your baby’s.

For babies aged 0 to 3 months, size 000 fits best. For babies aged 3 to 6 months, size 00 is ideal. However, which size is best for your newborn depends entirely on how much the baby weighs and how big they are. Some newborns skip size 000 and directly jump to size 00.

Oftentimes it’s a judgment call for parents. Since different companies and manufacturers have different sizes, it’s better to compare them hands-on instead of depending on the size of the labels. Buy a small number of clothes in each size and buy a variety of sizes.

What Kind of Clothes Does a Baby Need?


Bodysuits are the cornerstone of a baby’s wardrobe. You can’t possibly own too many onesies because they are a complete suit that you can put on your newborn without additional layers. It’s better to have bodysuits in different sizes so that you can keep up with your baby’s growth.

Not only that, but babies also tend to spit up, vomit or stain their clothes a lot, so you will probably need to wash or throw away most of these pieces. They go through around four to five clean clothes in a day, so it’s better to have plenty of clean replacements on your hands.

When you are shopping, it’s better to buy bodysuits in packs so that you can get a money-saving deal. Get them in both solid colors and cute patterns. Moreover, pick baby suits with envelope-style necks. Because they offer a more sanitary change of clothes since you don’t have to pull the poop or vomit-soaked bodysuit from over the head of the baby.


Another handy tip for baby shopping is getting clothes that are easy to put on and off so that the baby is not stressed and doesn’t give you a hard time. Kimono-style baby tops have side snaps that can be unbuttoned and don’t have to be pulled from over the baby’s head. This would save you from a lot of crying and kicking during an outfit change. You can get them in half-sleeves or full, depending on the need and weather.


Rompers are an everlasting staple in a baby’s wardrobe. They are not only cute but also practical and functional. Having a top and bottom all in one saves you from putting on multiple pieces of clothing for your newborn. You can style it alone or with a bodysuit. It will look cute either way. Many of them come with a snap at the crotch to change diapers easily.


Baby pants are endlessly versatile and keep your baby comfortable and warm. The best part about pants is that you can style them both casually and in a fancy fashion.

Moreover, pants go ideally with everything. Pair it with a bodysuit, a kimono, a t-shirt – you name it. Don’t miss out on this incredible piece of clothing for your child.


This one is one of our favorite clothing pieces. Beanies are incredibly cute and stylish for a newborn, not to mention an absolute essential to protect them from cold and friction. Babies have soft skulls and need added protection.

Newborns tend to get cold easily, and beanies help them regulate their body temperature, protecting them from unwanted sickness. You definitely need this adorable variation of caps for your baby – get it with a knot or a bow or in a simple style.


Just like beanies, socks protect your newborn from the cold. Newborns are sensitive to weather change and easily fall sick, so you need to take every precaution you can. Don’t you find these tiny socks adorable? It’s a wonder how some feet can be tiny enough to fit these socks.

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